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Mount Student Manages Events, Time and Career Path Through AMP

Courtney Twigg, C'17

The Activity Management Program, more commonly known as AMP, is a student-led organization that is responsible for curating more than 150 events each year both on and off the campus of Mount St. Mary’s University. Live bands, magicians, casino nights, dances and talent shows are just a few of the activities AMP provides for students. Moira Frederickson, C’18, is a secondary education major with a concentration in English and a minor in history. She is a member of both Sigma Tau Delta, an international honor society, and of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

moira-frederickson.jpgMoira’s work ethic is not only reflected through her academic accomplishments, but also through her heavy involvement with AMP. In fact, Moira recently presented at a conference of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), in which she and other team members discussed the purpose of the student-led program and promoted the success of various events orchestrated by AMP.

“I joined AMP at the encouragement of a staff member. I had been working in sound technology since I was nine and working as a light technician for four years, so I saw an opportunity to follow my passions,” Moira says. She has now been affiliated with the student-run organization for over three years. Despite her busy schedule, which also includes a teaching internship and various responsibilities for the honor societies she’s a member of, Moira states that handling it all is only possible through time management skills. “It’s also made much easier by the fact that 75 percent of our work, or events, are on the weekends when class isn’t a factor,” she says.

The students of AMP are always working on a multitude of events and this semester they’re organizing over 50. “Our biggest events are during rAMPage weekend with the outdoor concert and Glow Rage,” Moira explains. Even though she isn’t going to be as deeply involved in this year’s rAMPage, Moira says that everyone on AMP’s team is crucial to the success of all the events that take place during rAMPage. Each event is run by just two staff members, with the rest of the AMP team helping only when necessary, so preparation and planning are essential. Depending on the occasion, some only take about two weeks to properly plan, while others, such as GlowRage, can take months to prepare for.

Moira says that her favorite events to work on and manage are the concerts that AMP organizes both at the beginning and end of the school year. “I love music, and being a sound and light technician is what attracted me to this program in the first place, so I love any opportunity to work with bands and run some sound or lights,” says the junior. Moira has had the chance to meet, fellowship and work alongside bands such as X Ambassadors, PVRIS, RDGLDGRN, Public, and Bumpin’ Uglies.

Student-led organizations, such as AMP, allow Mount students to appreciate the value of time management and learn essential leadership skills that will benefit them even after they graduate and move on from Mount St. Mary’s University. After graduation, Moira plans to move to Staten Island, New York and pursue a career as a high school English teacher. Her involvement with AMP has not only fostered her passions for sound and light technology, but it has also taught her how to effectively orchestrate and execute large, complex events. These lessons and experiences, she says, will only serve as an incredible asset for her and how she approaches and manages her future endeavors.

Learn more about joining the AMP (Activity Management Program) Student Leadership Staff.

Courtney Twigg, C'17