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Mount Brewing Club Brewed a Custom Recipe at Smoketown Brewing

Brew feature

MSMU Brewing Club members spent weeks preparing to brew a custom beer at Smoketown Brewing Station in Brunswick, Maryland, on March 10 and now will wait a few more weeks to sample and analyze it. Club members developed the recipe and ordered the ingredients well in advance of Saturday’s day-long brew. The beer will be served at Smoketown’s second anniversary party on March 31.

The brewing club, formed in 2016, is among the largest clubs on campus. Members must be 21 or older, so most members are juniors or seniors. Garth Patterson, assistant professor of chemistry and advisor to the MSMU Brewing Club, teaches a university course as well as community classes on the science of beer. During a Smoketown brewday-long brew, he talks about topics such as the enzymatic pathway to the production of beer; chemical causes of specific flavors from hops and other ingredients and the impact of water pH.

“Students enjoy academically engaging with beer,” said Patterson, who has been brewing his own beer for six years. “We greatly appreciate Smoketown’s hospitality in opening its doors to us for our brew and in showcasing the result.” On campus, Patterson oversees undergraduate research on vapor phase analysis of a variety of targets including detection of explosives and the aroma generated by hops in beer.