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Victoria Barry’s Artwork to Be Featured in plain china

Victoria Barry

In April, the editorial staff of Lighted Corners was notified that Leah Hamel’s poem, “7 Things I Don’t Have the Chance to Tell You,” was selected for publication in plain china: National Anthology of the Best Undergraduate Writing ( The Lighter Corners’ editorial staff was pleased to be notified once more by plain china that work from Lighted Corners has been selected for the anthology. Artwork by Victoria Barry, C’17, will be featured in the upcoming plain china publication. Victoria’s artwork was featured in the same Lighted Corners issue as Leah’s poem, the 2016 volume, Vol. 36.

devils_claw.jpgTwo of Victoria’s pieces will be featured in plain china: “Devil’s Claw” and “Perch.” “My inspiration for ‘Devil’s Claw’ was a nature study of a dried Devil’s Claw plant that Prof. Elizabeth Holtry provided,” said Victoria. “I chose the composition because it was a difficult angle to paint from life, and it provided more texture since I was practicing the technique of sgraffito. The contrast of the yellow and deep plum paint emphasizes this technique.”
perch.jpgVictoria said, “‘Perch’ is a digital photograph that was captured in Frederick, Maryland during twilight. I was struck by how many birds were on the wires, and now as a single image in time, it creates an uneasy feeling in the viewer. It also evokes a sense of anticipation with the two or three birds that are taking flight. We all are familiar with the wonder of seeing a large flock of birds in the sky at sunset, and this image is unique because they are all linear and stationary.”
Victoria graduated last year with a double major in communication and fine arts. She is currently working as a Video Creator ( When asked what she found most rewarding about her experience at the Mount, Victoria replied, “The amount of opportunities I had access to outside of the Mount’s classrooms was astonishing. Not only did I receive a holistic liberal arts education, I was also involved in multiple activities and internships all throughout my years at the Mount. I am incredibly thankful for these opportunities and the mentors I gained along the way. I graduated confident in what I can achieve based on what I’ve already accomplished.”