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Parting Advice from the Career Center Intern

As my last fall semester at the Mount comes to a close, I’ve started to reminisce on the experiences I’ve had here. This is my second time completing an internship for the Career Center, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities Clare Tauriello and her team have presented me with. Through my internships, I have learned more about myself and what career path is best for me. I have also learned what it takes to become successful in the office as an individual and as a team player. I am most thankful for the chance to make strong connections with the Career Center team and feel inspired to become a confident young Mount alumnus in the working world.

For the past three months, I have been writing articles for students and the Mount community with tips and tricks to master career development. In the process of writing these articles, I felt as though my work was meaningful because I was helping my community to succeed. Students that read my articles told me that I helped them better understand how to write a resume and cover letter, or helped them prepare for an interview. Some even mentioned that my articles inspired them to explore different career paths and internship opportunities that they otherwise never would have.

Being able to help the Mount and give valuable advice to students has been a great experience. But the best part of this semester has been the chance to work on my own career goals and ask myself the question I’ve been wondering for the past four years: what do I want to do once I graduate?

One of the main reasons I kept applying for internships during my time as a student was the opportunity to explore a work environment without being tied down to the industry. I have learned valuable skills such as technical skills, communication skills, management skills and many more. The hardest things to learn were how to ask for help when I needed it, and how to work as a team rather than trying to do everything on my own. The most important thing I have learned is that internships are the key to unlock the door between you and your career goals.

As a student, the most important thing that I did to advance my career was gain real-world experience. Now, I feel more confident about the skills I can bring to the table, and I know which jobs and companies are right for me as a young professional.

Thinking back on my time as an intern with the Career Center, I find it impossible to see my college career without the counselors in this office. When I was a little girl, my grandfather always told me to work smarter, not harder. I never understood what he meant until entering the Career Center. Everyone is looking for a job; that’s why we are here. But the Career Center is looking for your job too, you just have to sit down with them and look for it together.

As the next chapter of my life begins, and I start exploring a job search, I will think back to what I have learned from my internships and the Career Center specifically. I know the best way to find the job I am looking for is to use the network around me and trust the advice my career counselors can give.

So as I pass the baton to another excellent student intern and begin my post-graduation job search, I know the Career Center team will have my best interests in mind. My last piece of advice for students and the Mount community is this: don’t be afraid to ask for help. The world if full of exciting opportunities, and we are all deserving of such wonderful things. But without help from each other, we will never fully reach our goals. Asking for help is not a negative thing, but rather it is a smart idea that will lead us to our potential.

The Career Center and the Mount team are here to help. Stop by any of the student services offices on campus and nine times out of ten, someone will have the answers you’re looking for. The Career Center is located in McGowan Suite 240. Meet with one of our school’s excellent career counselors and start developing your dream career.