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Four CLA Faculty Members Earn Tenure

Four faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts recently received tenure: Jack Dudley, Nick Hutchings, Sean Lewis, and Charles Strauss. Earning tenure at the Mount is a demanding and rewarding process. The tenure applicant must demonstrate a commitment to lifelong academic pursuits and to service. Students must be the priority for any tenured faculty member. This means not only effective teaching, but also a commitment to the students’ overall human development as they seek to discover truth.

tenured-faculty_-j.-dudley.jpgJack Dudley earned his Ph.D. in English at the University of Wisconsin. He’s been teaching English courses at the Mount since 2014. Dudley has published numerous articles and book reviews about modern and contemporary literature, and is completing an ambitious book about how religious belief impacts contemporary literature. “The profession conditions us to think of tenure as a destination, but as I’ve reflected on what it means to me to be tenured at the Mount, I’ve switched to thinking of it as a point of new departures. Now that I’ve reached this point in my career, what does it enable me to give back and to give in a greater way to the Mount? I feel this has been reinforced by how congratulatory and generous all my colleagues have been about the whole thing. That’s been the best part.”

tenured-faculty_-n.-hutchings.jpgNick Hutchings has a Master of Fine Arts in visual studies from Washington University. He’s been teaching the visual arts at the Mount since 2013. Professor Hutchings’ most recent visual art work – “What We Know in Part” – was on exhibit at the Mount this past fall and featured in an article in the Frederick News-Post. “I am grateful to have been granted tenure at Mount St. Mary’s University. It is a good fit. I have done a lot of contemplating regarding my position at Mount St. Mary’s University and I have come to realize that this is not my job, but rather my role. My role is to support and to challenge, to learn and to guide, to inspire and to be inspired, to argue and to reconcile, to fight and to make peace, and most importantly to meet people where they are at and walk with them on their journey of discovery to live lives of significance.”

tenured-faculty_-s.-lewis.jpgSean Gordon Lewis earned his Ph.D. in English literature and a certificate in rhetoric from The Catholic University of America. He’s been a member of the English Department since 2014. Last spring he presented at the American Catholic Historical Society and the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies. “I discovered Mount St. Mary’s University when I was a doctoral candidate at the Catholic University of America.  Since that time, Mount St. Mary’s University has been on the short list of places where I would love to spend the rest of my academic career.  I thank all of the colleagues and students who have helped form me over my time at the Mount, and I look forward to being a member of this unique and valuable Catholic liberal arts university for decades to come.”

tenured-faculty_-c.-strauss.jpgCharles Strauss has a Ph.D. in history from the University of Notre Dame. Professor Strauss joined the History Department in 2013. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Strauss serves his local Gettysburg community as a member of the borough council. On the national level, he is the executive secretary-treasurer for the American Catholic Historical Association. “I vividly remember where I was sitting when I read the job advertisement for my position at Mount St. Mary’s. The ad called for a historian who studies the history of the United States in international context, with an outside interest in Africa or Latin America, and it beautifully described the University’s commitment to its Catholic mission, the liberal arts, and undergraduate education; I felt like it had been written just for me. Six years later, and I still believe I am at exactly the right place. What I know now that I didn’t know when I applied is that I would be entering such a wonderful community. The faculty takes seriously our mission to graduate women and men ‘who see and seek to resolve the problems facing humanity,’ and Mount students continually make me smile, and think.”