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Preparing for an Interview

People commonly get butterflies or feel jittery before a job interview. However, there are a few useful ways to feel more confident about the little details so you can focus more intently on the bigger things.

One way to prepare or an interview is to research the company or organization so that you root yourself in knowledge especially concerning their mission and how that might coincide with your educational background, skills and goals. Also, with the information you find, you should be prepared with questions and comments. Many employers are impressed when interviewees come prepared with a wide variety of questions because it shows that there is genuine interest for the company beyond personal gain or wealth. At the same time, you want to show the employer everything you have to offer, so come with questions that showcase your character and how you can use these traits to benefit the company.

Another aspect of interviewing includes clear communication with the employer especially through resumes and cover letters. When done correctly, a well edited and updated resume and cover letter speaks volumes regarding your attention to detail. While this may appear minute, it is crucial in so many jobs and is definitely a trait employers look for in hiring new employees. 

One more tip that you could think about doing before you enter the room is simple. Smile. Your attitude is everything in an interview and if you have fun in what you’re doing, it shows the employer that you are motivated and likely to be enthusiastic about your work. Coming into an interview with a positive attitude may feel hard because of the stress of the process; however, if you focus on these three ideas, it will relieve some tension. Be sure to thoroughly research the company, communicate thoughtful questions that highlight your style and smile.  Also, don’t forget your professional dress, a firm handshake and solid eye contact as aspects of your positive attitude.

While there is a lot to think about in preparing for an interview, these simple steps might help you in narrowing down some things to do right. For the full list of guidelines concerning interviewing, please visit the Career Center in 240 McGowan Center for pamphlets and tips from our professionals to assist you in full preparation and greater insight. Please feel free to make an appointment by emailing us at or visiting our website to learn more about what we offer.