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You'll Never Walk Alone

The Career Corner blog encapsulates the various accomplishments of the students here at Mount St. Mary’s University while also providing the Mount community with upcoming events and information regarding our reputable Career Center. It is with great excitement that I write today on behalf of our Career Center team! I am privileged for the opportunity to both represent and vocalize the many opportunities and services that the Career Center offers to students, and I pray that you might be open to accepting these tools for your success in the future.

My name is Matthew Selba; I am a junior English major, minoring in both psychology and theology. I am a track and field athlete here at the Mount, and I am blessed to be representing our prestigious track & field team as well as the one and only Career Center. I am humbled to be in the position I am today and to be a part of so many teams who drive me to perfect my craft. 

My primary goal for the Career Corner blog is to remove any stress that students might be experiencing as they move closer to graduation and to provide them with accessible tools and tips to hurdling those challenges and having a better sense of direction. Being a college student has many challenges; however, the Career Center will take off your back some of the weight of writing a resume or cover letter, dressing for an interview, or knowing what jobs are out there for you. I hope to write articles that are clear, concise, and relatable for students. I desire to have deep, meaningful conversations with others who are thinking about their future. I ask that you come in and visit the Career Center team to see what insight we might be able to offer you.

I am grateful to be surrounded by such a hard-working team, who keep each other accountable and who strive for nothing less of excellence. I am thankful in a special way for Clare Tauriello and Matthew Pouss, who have shown tremendous support in my pursuit to become a more proficient writer. Also, I would like to give special recognition to Grace Bovard and all the writing interns before her who have given their time and their talents to generations of Mount students and their families. They have truly inspired me in my writing and in my goal to keep the fire burning here at the Career Center. I am thankful to be trusted as the voice of such a creative and gifted group of writers, all of whom have shaped the Career Center into what it is today.

At the same time, the Career Center wouldn’t be what it is today without you, the community. As a part of that community, I am fired up to be giving back to my fellow peers in hopes that I might inspire and motivate you in small ways toward your passions.

Having experience with my own entrepreneurship business has developed a diverse skill set that has transferred well to this writing internship position. During that time, I developed strong analytical skills by examining a wide variety of products and national epidemics to raise awareness of and support. When I designed my own business, it required my experimentation with many products and advertisements to see what worked effectively for buyers and what did not. Through targeting and specific audience advertisement, I was able to conduct several successful advertisements that led to attractive products for causes such as depression. I also provided assistance as a co-CEO to a business working to remove trash from the ocean and establish a collaboration with water agencies to give people and animals clean water. The water drop bracelet gave families in Indonesia over 512 gallons of water and has continued to be successful.

I am grateful to have had these experiences with such a wide variety of people with different beliefs and who were at different places in their lives. It is no surprise that the Mount is the number one college in Maryland for employment; our impact in our communities is profound. I am pleased to have had others guide me to where I am today. I hope and pray that I might be the same inspiration that others have been to me, especially at the Career Center.

Please feel free to visit the Career Center to get help with a resume or cover letter. Our Career Center team is happy to help you with tips for getting the job you desire. Please feel free to visit our website at or stop in to discuss ways to help you toward meeting your ambitions.