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Student Spotlight: Bryanna Youtzy, From the Liberal Arts to the U.S. Government

Youtzy feature

Graduating senior Bryanna Youtzy epitomizes an active student at the Mount. Not only is she a Division 1 track and field athlete, honors student, freshman ambassador coordinator, member of the Bolte School of Business Advisory Board and resident assistant, but she also serves as the mascot supervisor for Emmit S. Burg! Despite her activity level, Youtzy’s focus on academics never wavered. As a double major in accounting and philosophy, she understands the benefits of a well-rounded liberal arts education that integrates the theoretical with the practical.

bryanna-youtzy-2.jpgWhen it came time to search for a job, she was ready to meet the challenge. Youtzy interviewed for a position with a U.S. government agency as an auditor. What set Youtzy apart from the other candidates was not only the exceptional training and preparation she had from her business and accounting classes, but also the analytical skills she acquired in her philosophy courses. “During my interview, it was expected that I had the auditing skills required for the position," Youtzy said. However, the interviewers were more interested in my critical thinking and writing skills. The philosophy classes I took at the Mount prepared me to showcase these skills.”

The agency that Youtzy will be working for receives nearly 10,000 applications a month. She believes three specific qualities she acquired from her philosophy courses made the difference in being offered the job: the ability to write concisely and directly; the understanding that while her own perspective is important, it is only one of billions in the world; and a deeper sense of self. “Philosophy gives students the ability to reach a deeper sense of self, a spirituality that is their own, that then explores and identifies with realties outside of oneself,” Youtzy explained.

“Bryanna is a wonderful example of what I think of as the ‘classic’ Mount student. A scholar-athlete with diverse interests, she is marvelously mature and level-headed while at the same time being deeply curious about the most important and profound things," said Associate Professor of Philosophy Thane Naberhaus, Ph.D. "Bryanna’s attitude of humble and respectful curiosity before life’s greatest mysteries embodies the best of the spirit of the College of Liberal Arts.”

In addition to beginning her position in the U.S. government, Bryanna will also be pursuing an advanced certificate in business through Columbia University. Whether in academics or within civil service, Bryanna is an advocate for philosophy and the liberal arts.