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Mountain Echo Editors Participate in Workshop at The New York Times

NYT feature

The Mountain Echo student newspaper editors Emma Krusz and Grace Crane, both rising seniors, participated in a student newspaper editors’ workshop hosted by The New York Times. The students had the opportunity to work directly with Times’ editors and reporters.

students-at-nyt-3.jpgThe full-day event in April included sessions on topics such as innovation in journalism, reaching younger audiences, digital design and B2B (business-to-business) customer success. In addition to attending session presentations, students participated in workshops on the editing process. “I personally found the headline editing workshop the most intriguing and practical for our paper," said Crane, a communication major. "Mark Bulik, the senior editor for digital headlines of the digital transition team, offered many useful tips on how to write eye-catching headlines.” 

“I really enjoyed the sessions, especially the one presented by Marc Lacy, the Times’ associate managing editor and national editor," said Krusz, also a communication major. "He spoke about the challenges that journalism faces in society today, while also giving a positive outlook on journalism as an exciting industry to work in.”

Students interacted and exchanged ideas with peers from around the country. They compared approaches to investigating and researching stories as well as other journalistic strategies. “It was refreshing to learn from other college students about their college newspapers, to share experiences and frustrations with each other. I am excited to use what I learned from this experience and implement these new skills into our school newspaper,” said Krusz.

During their lunch session, Nicholas Kristof, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and an op-ed writer for the New York Times since 2001, shared with the students how his journalism focuses on human rights abuses and social injustices. “The impromptu Q&A session with Kristof was another of my favorites from the workshop," Crane said. "I was able to hear about his passion for working as a journalist, sharing the real truth with others, and uncovering serious injustices from all over the globe.” 

Krusz and Crane are both grateful to the Mount, The Mountain Echo, and especially to Pratibha Kumar, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication and The Mountain Echo faculty advisor, for the opportunity to attend the event. The editors look forward to implementing their learnings. “The workshop will definitely affect the future of The Mountain Echo," Krusz said. "We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with the rest of our staff and writers.”