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Sophomore Slump? Check Out These Tips

Kelley Northam, C'20
Career Center Intern

It’s no secret that universities may seem to gear themselves toward first-year students and seniors. While first-year students are just starting to get acclimated to college life, seniors are getting ready to spread their wings and fly. What some often forget is that sophomores too are in a period of important transition. The gentle handholding of their first year is done, yet they may still feel surrounded by collegiate questions marks. The pressure to declare a major or even articulate their interests may feel more overwhelming than any assignment that they could ever be assigned.

For those sophomores reading this blog, never fear! You have more options than you think. If you’re feeling stuck, keep reading for some tips for sophomore students:

  • Talk with your advisor. Even if this individual is your advisor from first-year symposium, he or she will be able to help you explore your interests and point you in the right direction.
  • Draft a resume. Working on your resume will allow you to see what you’ve already done in your career. Preparing it now will also help you in the long run when you start applying to jobs and internships more frequently. Remember, it doesn't’t need to be extensive or perfectly written yet. Come to the Career Center for help polishing it!
  • Don’t rule out applying to internships now. While just the word internship may sound way too much like “adulting,” completing an internship during sophomore year can be incredibly helpful. Not only will it allow you to explore your interests hands-on, but you’ll also gain valuable skills that can translate into your future coursework. There’s no better way to figure out if you like something or not than by simply doing it.
  • Explore major options. Take some time to look through major descriptions and browse courses. If the courses sound interesting or exciting to you, you may have found your major! You could even meet with professors in fields that you’re interested in and have them answer your questions personally. Additionally, check out the Career Center’s webpage on major exploration:
  • Become involved in a club. Many high school students join clubs simply to strengthen their college applications. However, clubs in college are about allowing students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom. Joining a club may be the most enjoyable way for you to gain leadership experience and explore your interests. Whether it be anime or accounting, being an active member of a student organization can give you more skills than you think.
  • Come to the Career Center. Walking into the Career Center may seem a bit intimidating, but don’t be fooled; talking with students is our specialty! If you’re seeking individualized help or are looking for more resources, we’d be more than happy to meet with you. Email us at to make a personalized appointment; we are looking forward to working with you!

Kelley Northam, C'20
Career Center Intern