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Five Tips for Managing Job Search Anxiety During a Pandemic

Gloria DeMoura, C'21
Career Center Intern

Looking for a job or internship during the pandemic? Check out these tips!

gloria-demoura-in-text.jpgWelcome back to the Mount! Did you get a job or internship over the summer? Are you ready to graduate? Are you ready for your first year of college? Have you begun searching for internships yet?

I am sure many of you received these questions and others as the semester started. If you are like me, answering these questions every day caused a rise in anxiety. How can we prepare for our future careers when the job market is rapidly fluctuating? As a senior here at the Mount, I want to tell you that you are not alone in your fear or anxiety. The Career Center is here for you. We want to help manage some of your anxiety in looking for jobs.

Here are five tips to help relieve some of your anxiety when looking for jobs:

  1. Start early. Putting off looking for jobs will only cause more anxiety in the future. Take several minutes a day and casually browse Mount Hired or create a LinkedIn account. Being proactive not only aids you in becoming familiar with these websites, but also helps relieve the constant pressure of needing to start looking for a job.
  2. Talk to your advisor. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, your advisor serves as a connection between your chosen career and you. Developing a relationship early on with your advisor will make it easier to approach him or her with questions on your chosen field.
  3. Make a plan. Making a plan will not only reduce the anxiety that comes with trying to do everything at once but will give you a steady guide to follow throughout the semester. Your future you will thank you for the time you set aside to work on your resume and researching possible internships.
  4. Take advantage of your resources! The Mount offers so many resources to help you. If you are just starting your time here at the Mount or need a refresher on what the Mount offers that will help you during your search. The Career Center offers virtual workshops, mock interviews, job and internship fairs and more. Counseling Services holds mindfulness sessions and one-on-one free counseling by appointment. The Writing Center is available to look over cover letters or other pieces of writing by appointment virtually.
  5. Do not get discouraged by the pandemic. It is easy to get caught up in the news and lose hope that jobs or internships are even possible right now. They are. The virtual opportunities for internships and jobs are expanding, and students are finding internships. You have the support of the Career Center. Contact them today at You can move mountains.
Gloria DeMoura is the writing intern for the Career Center. She is a senior with double majors in communications and theology. She is in Army ROTC and holds the command sargent major position for the Green Terror Battalion. Gloria loves her Catholic faith and enjoys the outdoors.

Gloria DeMoura, C'21
Career Center Intern