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The Importance of Perspective

Dr. Mary Catherine Kennedy
Assistant Professor of Communication

Mount Fall View

Perspective. (noun). a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Part of the human experience is understanding that we all experience the world differently. We grow up in different places. We have different families. We experience different parts of the nation and even the world. All of these experiences shape our perspective, or our attitude about the world around us. 

My View of MSMU is a thought-experiment based on the success of the Mount's Travel Blog that was sidelined by COVID-19 last spring. We wanted to give students the opportunity to gain professional writing experience right on campus instead of having it be dictated by the opportunity to travel and study abroad. That, coupled with efforts to help students be able to better understand their place on campus and later in the world, inspired the creation of My View of MSMU. With international travel being impossible this academic year, we took the opportunity to develop this space for the on-campus writing experience. The hope is that in future semesters both experiences will run to give a vantage point into the life of MSMU students at home and abroad.

The name of our new space - My View of MSMU - stems from the use of the hashtag #MyViewOfMSMU that has appeared on the Mount's main Instagram account (@mountstmarysu) in years' past. The hashtag was developed by COMM Alumna Rosalyn Smaldone (C'16) during an internship with Marketing & Communications. COMM alumna Angela Smith (C'15, MBA '17) worked with Rosalyn on the idea while she was a graduate assistant and continued the hashtag during her time working in Marketing & Communications. This blog is becoming an extension of that hashtag as a space for Mount students to talk in depth about issues that are important to them. 

This semester, 5 student bloggers will be sharing aspects of their lives on (and off) campus as Mount students. They'll be tackling questions related to their identity, purpose, and future. It is meant to be a space devoted to student creativity and expression while also offering a lens where they can begin to think critically and write about not just their place on campus but within the world. The Mount is often described as “a microcosm of society,” and this space is meant to be a reflection of that. It will take us some time to get there and to have representation from all walks of campus life. The ultimate hope is to create a space online where students enrolled in a 1-credit class have a semester to reflect on their lived experience. Hopefully, by the end of their experience, students will be able to share with you how they've found a place on our campus that seeks to be open and welcoming to all, regardless of where you grew up, what your family looks like, or how you experience the world.

Student content will be posted Monday through Friday beginning March 1. Mount St. Mary’s is committed to helping students to embrace diversity of thought so that all feel welcome and included as part of our campus as we seek to fulfill our mission of forming ethical leaders in service to God and others. We hope you’ll read along this semester to see our students' view of MSMU!

Dr. Mary Catherine Kennedy
Assistant Professor of Communication