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Find your Passion

Elisabeth Rockhill

The college years can be a very difficult time of life for everyone. You are expected to find something that interests to major in in order to find a career to support yourself, while at the same time having a balanced social life. The pressure to fit in and be successful can be very overwhelming sometimes. Being a senior now and reflecting back on my previous years of college, I realize that my interests in what I want to pursue after college changed each year due to my experiences and shifts in my perspective regarding certain ideas.  

When I came into college as a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. My roommates all knew what they wanted to pursue academically, which made me feel uneasy and bad about myself. When it came time to decide on a major during the second semester of my freshmen year, I still did not know what to do. I was not the best at math or science, so I knew biology was out of the question. I settled on Marketing, without even knowing what a Marketing major entails. I was thrown into a handful of business classes, including business statistics, macroeconomics, as well as accounting. I quickly realized I had no interest in any of these classes, and began to struggle as the content got more in depth. I stuck with the marketing major until the end of my sophomore year, and then decided to switch when I transferred from Coastal Carolina to Mount St. Mary’s.  

I still had no concrete idea on what I wanted to switch my major to, although I knew that I did want something focused on reading and writing, two of my strengths. After talking to my advisor, I decided to try Communications as my major. I am happy I made that decision, for I have had grea experiences with the classes I have taken so far. A class that I have particularly enjoyed has been COMM 373, which is focused around personal blogging. I have been able to express many of my interests, including soccer and fitness, throughout a series of blog posts. I also enjoyed the COMM 365 Sports Communication class I took last year because it was interesting to gain a new perspective on what occurs within the sporting world.  One of the main aspects I have enjoyed about this major is the freedom I have been given to express myself throughout my writing, something I was not able to do in macroeconomics.  

Although I have enjoyed the communications major, I have found my main passion in my life at this point in time is fitness. I wake up every morning excited to go play and lift for soccer, as well as workout on my own outside of soccer. I feel as though my COMM 373 Social Media class has provided me with excellent information on how to begin to develop a personal brand within the fitness industry. An aspect of personal branding I would definitely consider is developing my fitness platform on various social media accounts to increase publicity. I know after college I want to pursue a career within the fitness industry, for that is what truly sparks my interest. I feel as though people going through college often settle on a major that they simply go through the motions with and don’t really enjoy, and then find a job that they are not satisfied with just for an income. You need to find something that drives and excites you, for finding that within yourself will set you up for a lifetime of success.  

Elisabeth Rockhill