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Finding Your Peace

Cara Davis, C'22

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“The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.” ~ Rene Magritte

Welcome back! This week I wanted to talk about what it means to stay in the present. The future is unknown and unpredictable and can consume what is currently going on. As a twenty-something, the future outside of school is within reach, but that can be terrifying. It is impossible to completely plan out the future. Part of life is recognizing what is within your control and what is out of your control.

It is in our human nature to constantly be looking towards the next goal, but I believe this to be more harmful. It is easy to become wrapped up in what our next achievement will be and feel a sense of failure if we don't meet it. As a society, we all experience pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations. When we step off the graduation stage and into real life were are expected to pay back student loans, find the perfect job, and be financially stable. In reality, every single person is different and cannot be expected to go down the same path.

I will personally admit, I am scared and anxious about life after college. As a junior, I only have two and a half semesters left and that is terrifying. I don't know what will happen, where I will be, or what I will be doing. The unknowns, however, outweigh the known.

Something that I have learned over time, is that it isn't worth stressing about things beyond the horizon. In the end, everything will work out. But letting this go is easier said than done.

Life is noisy and sometimes you just need to block out the chaos and focus on the silence. In today’s world, it is hard to find silence. We are accustomed to noise, but that noise can be overwhelming. Silence means something different to everyone. It is important to find at least one thing that can provide you a break from reality and chaos. Bring yourself back to the present and take a breath.

I included a quote by Rene Magritte, a painter most known for surrealism. I had the pleasure of learning about Magritte through my minor in Art. While learning about his life, I thought about how his art was a visual expression of what many people are going through. Magritte and many Surrealist painters displayed their struggle with mental health for the world to see. Their most vulnerable thoughts were put out for the world to critique. During this period, many suffered in silence. Still, Magritte and other artists used art to express their struggles. Art becomes their peace.

When life becomes too chaotic and you feel overwhelmed, take a moment and find your peace. Find something that brings you back to the present or just take a break from all the noise. Whatever it may be, find it and make time to do it. The present is within your control.

If you need help bringing yourself back to the present, check out these grounding exercises.

I will catch you next week Mounties. In the meantime, I hope that you find something that can bring you peace, and go check out my post from last week (Mental Health is Not Taboo).

Cara Davis, C'22