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Graduating with Gratitude

Paige Roberts

Hey all! Thanks for checking out the new blog. My name is Paige, and I am beginning my last semester of undergrad as a senior at the Mount. I am majoring in communication, minoring in business and currently in the process of securing a Graduate Assistant position for next fall. Home for me is just a few miles south of Baltimore, near BWI airport, but I plan on staying at the Mount for the next two years to acquire my Master of Business Administration degree. 

Blog writer, Paige RobertsIt’s hard to believe that four years of my college career have already gone by. While at the Mount, I learned a lot about myself. The shift from age 17 to 21 is a monumental one. I discovered new passions, including weightlifting and environmentalism, and tried new things, like cheerleading for the Mount's basketball teams and learning to draw while taking an art class. Taking part in this blogging expedition adds to the list of new ventures for me and I'm excited to share my viewpoint as a student and soon-to-be graduate. Not only will this course complete my required internship credits for the communication major, but I'm always looking for new opportunities to sharpen my writing skills and thought this sounded like the perfect transition from practicing standard journalistic style to writing in a more thoughtful and expressive fashion. 

This might not be the first time that you have read content of mine; I had the pleasure of being a staff writer for the Mountain Echo student newspaper both this past fall and the one prior. Junior fall semester was especially memorable as I submitted articles while studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. One thing is for sure, I was never short of content while there.

Writing for the Echo was both enriching and challenging, and it makes me happy knowing I’m continuing a legacy from the not-so-long-ago age of typewriters. My grandpa on my mother’s side attended the Mount and graduated in the class of 1950 and my mom spent two years as a Mountaineer on the women’s basketball team in the early 80’s. This lineage was how I was initially introduced to Mount St. Mary’s, and a few years later, found my own home here. Continuing to build the legacy, I'm lucky enough to be accompanied by my younger brother Paul this year at the Mount, who is a freshman on the men's rugby team. 

As a freshman, it can be difficult to understand or appreciate the value of the university's core classes; I witness this firsthand when I ask Paul how his classes are going. However, looking back, I can confidently say that they have enhanced not only my education, but my worldview and perspective as a human. Live significantly is a mantra that I've heard since I was a freshman, but has only just begun to resonate with me as I reflect on the abundance of growth that I've experienced at the Mount through these courses and the outstanding professors who teach them. 

Practicing gratitude, like writing, is a skill that needs to be sharpened. The more you do it, the easier and more beneficial it becomes. If there was one word to describe how I feel when reflecting on the memories, people, and knowledge that the Mount has given me, it would be "grateful". For my blog this semester, I'd like to focus on these elements of my Mount experience and do a bit of reminiscing while also looking forward to the abundance of future opportunities that lie just ahead of me. 

Thanks for reading! Check back for new posts from My View of MSMU. Until next time, stay warm and go Mount!

Paige Roberts