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How Did I End Up in Emmitsburg, MD?

Cara Davis

Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi Mounties! Welcome to My View of MSMU blog. My name is Cara, and I will be one of the bloggers this semester. I am currently a junior completing a Communication Major and a Fine Arts Minor intending to go into the Public Relations field after graduation. Like many upperclassmen, I am trying to figure out what I want for myself after college and what the world will be like.

I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, and honestly never thought I would end up in Maryland, let alone Emmitsburg, MD. When applying for college, I wanted to gain a new experience outside of my home state. This resulted in applications to schools from Missouri to Virginia. The Mount was not one of my front-runner schools. The Mount was a random school I applied to out of nowhere. My mindset stayed the same until I stepped onto Emmitsburg Road on Accepted Students Day in April 2018.

I never had one of those “this is the one” moments that parents tell you will happen when you know which school is right. I will say I was taken back by the beauty, but overall I was intrigued and knew that I needed to try this school out. I was always told that I should choose a school based on what it could offer me,  but I stayed at the Mount because of what the people had to offer.

Those who I have had the pleasure of calling friends at the Mount helped shape me into the person who is writing to you. I thought I had everything figured out or understood but turns out I was completely wrong. My perspectives and experience are continuously changing based on the people I have met and living life in a world as unpredictable as it is.

2020 felt like a rollercoaster without the tracks completed. No one knows what to expect tomorrow while also trying to process and heal from the tragedies that have occurred. Humans have really been tested and have proven how strong we can be. Despite everything, we continue with hopes for the end of the rollercoaster ride. We have proven how strong we are, but we have also shown how we must take care of our mental health.

For this semester's blog, I will be focusing on mental health in today's day and age. As college students, we are trying to figure ourselves out and how we fit into the world. When you add a pandemic, political tension, climate change, and inequality, it can all be overwhelming. As we continue to fight for a world that we would want to claim, our mental health has to be a priority.

I will catch you next week, Mounties! In the meantime, check out some of the other amazing blogs throughout the week, starting with Paige tomorrow! As always, in the wise words of President Trainor, “Go Mount”.

Cara Davis