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From the Beaches to the Mountains

Elisabeth Rockhill

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My journey up until the point of stepping foot on the campus of Mount St. Marys was probably very different then the majority of the student body. I did not visit the beautiful campus of The Mount in high school with my family, for I did not truly discover the Mount until after my sophomore year of college. One of my greatest passions brought me to the Mount, and that passion was none other then the game of soccer.  

Growing up playing soccer in middle school and continuing into high school, I always knew that I wanted to continue my soccer career into college. Soccer was always one of my main outlets for happiness, as well as a place that welcomed my competitive, physical personality. When entering into the stages of the recruiting process sophomore year of high school, I really had no set school that I was looking to attend. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to experience college outside of my home state, Maryland. One of the first offers I received to play division one collegiate soccer was at Coastal Carolina University, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I did not know much about the school, and what I saw when I googled “Coastal Carolina” would have made any immature 17 year old’s eyes bug out of their head. I saw the beach, Palmetto trees, and pictures of the most outrageous parties I have ever seen. I was set on committing to Coastal Carolina for soccer. On July 19, 2017 my dad and I drove down to Conway, South Carolina so I could begin my collegiate soccer career. To sum up my first two years there, I will keep it short and say that it was no where near what I expected my experience to be, and I should have pursued more options regarding schools before settling for one so quickly.   

Following the fall of the sophomore year, I knew that Coastal Carolina was not where I wanted to spend all 4 years of college. I had grown and matured since the time I committed there, and knew I needed a change. I started looking for different schools close to home with the help of my dad, and we came across Mount St. Mary’s University. I had heard of The Mount before, but had not visited the campus before. I contacted the head coach, Tori Krause, and a visit for me to tour the campus was arranged shortly after. I instantly felt the tight knit community that the Mount provided, and loved the way that the campus was layed out. I decided shortly after my visit that Mount St. Mary’s was going to be my new home for soccer and academics. I am very fortunate for the opportunity that the Mount presented me to allow me to continue playing the sport I love at the division one level. Being a senior now, I have met so many amazing people at Mount St. Mary’s, andhave had many great experiences on and off the soccer field. 

Elisabeth Rockhill