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Spring is Here

Cara Davis, C'22

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Happy Spring Mounties! The weather is warming up, hammocks are between the trees, and every inch of grass is taken over by students trying to soak up the sun( while maintaining social distancing of course ). While we look forward to the spring and summer, it is hard to believe that we have been dealing with the pandemic for over a year.

March 2021 is an improvement from March 2020. This time last year, everyone was still optimistic about quarantine. Workouts were still being completed, Tik Tok challenges were on the rise and Tiger King was shocking the nation. A year later, vaccination cards are being punched, restaurants are reopening dine-in and everyone cringes at the word “quarantine”. Life is slowly folding back into a form of normal, but that doesn't mean everything is magically fixed.

The warm weather can provide an escape from indoor blues that we have all been feeling for a year, but taking time for yourself is still necessary. We are still dealing with Covid-19 and its guidelines, just in warmer weather.

I think I can say that we are all itching for a time of no masks and some form of normal. The optimistic attitude of vaccinations is providing us with the hope for a glimpse of summer. You might feel the need to maximize your time by fitting in all the activities you have been missing for a year, but don't forget about yourself. Even the most sociable people need downtime too. It may even feel foreign to do what was normal before 2020. Don’t overwhelm yourself, it is okay to take a lazy day.

We still have a couple more months until summer and in the meantime, spring is coming to be consumed with vaccinations and the end of the semester. Some may be worried about the after graduation plan while others are trying to find summer internships. Some stressors are harder to control, so minimize the stressors you can control. As I have mentioned in my other post, life has many things that you can't control, so focus on what you can control. This includes limiting the information from social media and expanding on self-care. Get outside and soak up the sun.

Protocols are changing and vaccinations are increasing, misinformation is close behind. Step away from information that can be overpowering by turning off social media for a little bit. Do the activity that provides you with serenity and stillness. Even though this past year has tested the time we have, don’t try to do everything. We are making the transition back to a non-pandemic time, and there will be another summer after this one.

Just because we are no longer forced inside and the world seems a little brighter doesn't mean you stop taking care of yourself. The pandemic might have exacerbated the feelings of anxiety, depression, or loneliness, but they were there before Covid-19. It is human to have feelings and it is okay to put yourself first.

Happy Easter and enjoy the nice weather! During the break check out the other amazing bloggers! Most importantly, take a break today!

Cara Davis, C'22