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The Sun Always Returns

Kayla Cooper

The IC Chapel at sunset

I'm not sure about other students, but the end of February into early March had not been the best time for me. Up until just recently, the weather had been gloomy, my workload had been heavy, and my days were scheduled precisely down to the 30 minute time slot I had for dinner. I was doing a lot, and doing well, but I had no time to do much of anything other than work and sleep. I was in a rut, and I was certainly stuck in this routine. Quite honestly, after getting used to this routine, I almost felt that I didn't want to break out of it. I was productive, but deep down, I knew I wasn't the happiest I had been. This tends to happen, I feel, right around this time in the spring semester. But, just as cloudy days come, they also pass; in place of the gloom, the sun always returns. 

This past week, however, has been full of sunny days and smiles. Simply walking around campus, I noticed that students were beginning to enjoy the warm weather in a variety of ways, such as eating outside, taking the scenic route to class, or studying outside the cafe instead of inside. I, too, found myself doing these things. I also found a significant rise in my mood, and felt the frost of monotony begin to melt from my schedule as the weather became nicer. 

Whether it be a divine miracle, or simply good scheduling, my workload had significantly decreased this past week. I was still busy, but I felt like I could breathe again. I felt like I was allowed to breathe again, and to take my time doing so. Since the weather was nice, like most students, I found myself spontaneously seeking times to enjoy our beautiful Mountain Home. For the first time this semester, I broke out my hammock, and for much of the week, set myself up for hours at a time just outside of Terrace and the IC Chapel. Before class, I would simply lay under the trees and watch the clouds in the sky. I did, essentially, nothing and gave myself permission to do so. Eventually, I'd pack up to attend classes, only to set right back up again whenever I found spare time. The gloom of last month felt farther away than the sun shining down on me, and for the first time in a while, I felt like I wasn't constrained by the never ending alerts on my Outlook calendar. 

As simple as it is, the weather getting warmer, it seems to have a profound effect on morale. I think, more so than usual, a little sunshine is just what we all need right now (literally and metaphorically speaking). With the pandemic having been around for a year now, things can seem gloomy and mundane. There are glimmers of hope, such as vaccinations rolling out, but there is also a sense of monotony amongst this uncertain time. 

If there is anything this past week has taught me, it's that much like how the weather ebbs and flows, so does the pacing of life. For a while, I may be stuck with a string of mundane or gloomy days, but much like the end of winter, I know that they will pass. The sunny, early signs of spring will return, and with it, a revitalized sense of discovery. 

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Kayla Cooper