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Gal Pal Gratitude

Paige Roberts

Hey there! Glad to see you back. If you're new here, be sure to explore the rest of the blog. Last week, Cara discussed the signs of burnout for students. At this point in the semester, I'm sure everyone is feeling drained like I am; read Cara's post for some tips on making it through finals while also prioritizing your well-being!

This week I wanted to take the time to express appreciation for a part of my Mount experience that has brought so much joy into my life and that I’m grateful for every day. Without my gal pals, I wouldn't have made all the amazing memories that still make me laugh when looking back. 

My close group of girlfriends has spent countless hours together, especially after moving off-campus and being forced to do so. But it wasn’t always this way. I began my freshman year without making a lot of close friends very quickly and spending most of my time to myself. My usual daily activities consisted of going to class, getting food from Patriot, and returning to my dorm to study and do schoolwork for the rest of the day. Occasionally I would go to the library.

The girls on the second floor of Pangborn were friendly and fun, but I couldn’t help but have a hard time opening up and letting loose. My roommate was amazing; she would always wake up and meet me for breakfast after my 8 a.m. Spanish class even though she didn’t have class until later in the day. So, in retrospect, I had a sweet deal. But I still wished for a more intimate relationship within a group of girls just like I had in high school.

Going to an all-girls Catholic high school was an amazing experience; it allowed me to roll out of bed, throw on a uniform and show up. I became connected at the hip with my friends and my field hockey teammates. Our school was small enough where it was easy to find the right group of pals. We studied, ate lunch, and hung out on the weekends together. Although the Mount is a small school too, it was a bit of a culture shock being in classes with boys again, not knowing many people or even how to go about making new friends.

I moved into Sheridan over the winter break of freshman year with a lovely girl named Mary from Reading, PA. She invited me to be her new roommate after the girl she was originally matched with decided to commute from home instead. I quickly became close with Mary and her friends, talking and laughing in our dorm rooms and sitting around a table in Patriot for hours on end. I felt welcomed by them and started having fun on weekends instead of being cooped up, doing homework in my room.

Girlfriends and I at an Oriole's game 2 years agoOur freshman and sophomore years spent together were a blast, always traveling in a pack and I soon found myself signing the lease to live off-campus with these girls. Although we had our bumps and rifts, living as roommates was easy and we worked well together. Caitlin, with whom I formed a close friendship right off the bat, traveled to Ireland with me. We enjoy each other’s company so much that we've decided to live together next year for grad school as well. She always makes me feel special by coming up with a new nickname for me every week.

My roommates and I survived quarantine together (aside from a few screaming matches), so I'd like to think we can get through anything. I'm so lucky to have made a group of girlfriends that I can talk about anything with and always rely on when the going gets tough. I hope you're able to say the same about your Mount friends. 

Friends and I at Springfield WineryThanks for checking out My View of MSMU! See you again for next week's post. Tell your friends you love them. 

Mary, Caitlin and I in Emmitsburg for a snowstorm Winter 2020

Paige Roberts