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Night Life Memoirs

Paige Roberts

Main Street view of Ott's

Hey Mounties! This week I wanted to reminisce on the fun nights that my friends and I have had the privilege of enjoying after finally turning 21. Let me tell you about some of the popular spots. 

Disclaimer: The photos included in this post were taken pre-COVID. Unfortunately, Ott's student nights have been put on hold until it is safe to host them again. 

An undeniable favorite off-campus destination, the Ott House on Emmitsburg's Main Street has drawn in Mount students since the pub opened in 1970. Here you can almost always find good company and enjoy good food at even better prices. Although there are no longer bars on the Mount's campus, Ott's has long provided juniors and seniors with a safe and amusing experience. They're conveniently located, being walking distance from a lot of off-campus housing, and even operating a shuttle service to and from campus on Wednesday nights.

My roommates and I at Ott's student nightWednesday nights were student nights at Ott's, pre-COVID, and used to be what many upperclassmen looked forward to the most during a stressful week. They sponsored deals for Mount students, including $3 vodka cranberry mixed drinks which always seemed to be a crowd favorite. Draft beers and pitchers were also sold at fair prices. DJ Eric provided the music every week, which was probably the same playlist just shuffled in a different order, but we didn't mind. The atmosphere is folksy and tired, nothing like a typical college bar, but fun nonetheless. My roommates and I are lucky to live right in town so getting home was never an issue.

My friends and I especially miss nights like these. Chatting and mingling with our classmates at Ott's student nights was a fun social event where we could dance with old and new friends. Now in our senior year, social distancing has made it difficult to recreate this feeling, but we still enjoy getting apps, dinner and drinks in small groups with our bubble.  

Another popular bar not too far north from the Mount is Mama Ventura's in Gettysburg...Mama's for short. A totally different vibe, Mama's student nights were held in the lower-level bar area, fully equipped with a dance floor and coat closet. The place was always cramped on Thursday nights before the pandemic; Mount students mingling with Gettysburg College students in a sweaty, strobe-lit room. Although not the most glamorous of environments, we still made great memories and lots of laughs. I look forward to when we're able to do this again. 

Hopefully, students will be able to enjoy these experiences just the same once vaccinations become more widely available and restrictions on indoor venues are rolled back. Be sure to take your friends to Ott's or Mama's one night next semester for an unforgettable evening.

Until next time, cheers! 

Paige Roberts