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Reflection on the Fall and Spring Semester

Elisabeth Rockhill

This 2020-2021 school year presented me with multiple challenges I never thought I would have to face during my senior year of college. I did not think I would ever be attending college in the middle of a global pandemic, and I certainly never could imagine that my senior year fall soccer season would be cancelled. Despite adversity appearing in different forms pretty much every day, I learned to try and find the good in each day, in order to make the most of my senior year of college.  

When I first arrived in the Fall, it definitely took some getting used to the new regulations that were put in place for soccer due to COVID 19. We had to wear masks in the locker room as well as warming up for practice, and had to go in small groups into the locker room the morning before practice. This took some time to adjust to, but I always reminded myself how fortunate I am to even be able to play soccer with my teammates at this time. So many teams in our conference were not even able to practice, so the fact that we could was huge. My team in the Fall was also very mindful of the COVID regulation that were put in place in order to keep everyone healthy. We made sure to stick to hanging out with small groups of people within our team, and made sure to be socially distant when possibleBeing able to have solid practices in the fall for sure contributed to our success when we were able to have a full season in the spring.  

Another activity that I began to appreciate more this semester was going for daily walks. Since large on campus events were not possible to attend, I decided to think of other ways to incorporate activities that I found enjoyable into my day.  Sometimes a walk really is all you need in order to destress and take a step back in order to collect your thoughts. Incorporating daily walks into my routine this school year really helped me cope more efficiently with the heavy load that comes with school and soccer. I influenced some of my teammates to begin to walk with me as well. Daily walks with my teammates slowly transitioned into a social outing that I looked forward to every day.  

Overall this school year has taught me to focus on the things that you can control in your day to day life. Your attitude and the choices you choose to make can really have a huge impact on your entire outlook on life. My mindset at the beginning of the semester was completely opposite from the end, and that was due to me making a conscious effort to focus on what I know makes me happy and motivated. I want to take the time thank everyone for reading my work over the course of the semester, listening to my experiences that have shaped me throughout my college career. Heading into graduation, I am incredibly thankful I was able to contribute to this blog, for it has been an overall great experience. Moving forward, I hope to continue blogging in the future. 

Elisabeth Rockhill