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The Mountain Home

Kayla Cooper

Mount St. Mary's University Bradley View

As I wrap up my sophomore year, I can’t help but look back and reflect on my time so far at the Mount, and the various ways I have gotten to know and love this community.

Peace PlazaWhen I first visited the Mount, many months before my high school graduation, I had a completely different vision of what my life would look like, let alone, the community that would surround me. I had big dreams of bustling New York streets, fancy iced latte’s, and strangers faces wading through large university hallways. But, come my first semester at the Mount, I would be falling in love with burnt orange views of mountains, sipping hot coffee brewed that morning in Patriot Hall, and waving to friendly faces who knew my name as I walked to class in the AC. First semester of freshman year may have introduced the Mount community to me, but it didn’t become my Mountain Home until the second semester of that year. It didn’t become my home until I knew what it would mean to miss it, and be away from it for so long.

When COVID was first declared a pandemic, and it became clear that we wouldn’t be returning to campus that semester, it felt like someone had propelled me back in time. I was sitting at the same dining room table where I first opened my Mount acceptance letter, except this time those dreams about my future were different. Instead, I longed for sunny days at the Grotto or sharing a meal with a friend in Patriot. I wanted so badly to go on a spontaneous adventure with my best friends, to explore our beautiful Mountain; but there I was sitting at my dining room table, which felt like the farthest place from my home.The Grotto

At the end of the day, as cliche as it may sound, I am incredibly thankful for the journey that lead me to the Mount. If I hadn’t had to learn to fall in love with this beautiful community, and embrace it the way it embraced me, I wouldn’t be as grateful for it as I am today. It has been a winding road with a view these past two years, and I expect it will be for the next two years to come. I’m all for it, so long as it takes me back home.

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Kayla Cooper