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Time Flies, Remember to Slow Down

Paige Roberts

Pond full of lily pads on a windy day at the park

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your loyal readership. Time seems to be flying particularly fast; it's unbelievable that Mount seniors only have a little less than a couple of weeks left. My classmates and I are scrambling to complete final projects, order the perfect graduation dress or tie, and finalize future plans all in the coming days. If you're a senior finding yourself drowning in extensive to-do lists and pre-grad stress, you're not alone! We're all doing our best, which is all we can do. 

With a new chapter of life quickly approaching for many of us, it might seem hard to avoid getting lost in daydreams of the future. There's nothing wrong with looking forward to approaching plans, but getting lost in these thoughts can leave you dissatisfied with the present. When we constantly chase happiness in our minds by creating an idealized image of the future, it becomes harder to find it around us. 

My roommate Caitlin's kitten, Mumford

Last week, my roommates and I watched Disney's "Soul". I hadn't seen the film yet despite it being released for a few months now and hearing outstanding reviews about it. It confronts the questions of what happens after death, what it means to live a "successful" life, and challenges the idea of fulfilling a destined purpose that brings meaning to our lives. Without spoiling too much, it introduces the notion that no one's life has a singular purpose and there are not binary definitions of success and failure. We make our own lives meaningful simply by basking in each moment, big or small, with love and gratitude. We're not meant to devote ourselves to one passion or career in order to be deemed a success. Remembering to be grateful for life's simple joys will encourage you to stop and smell the roses more often.

Although Emmitsburg is a small, sometimes sleepy town, there is an abundance of beauty in the details. Watching the flowers and trees slowly bloom to full fruition this spring creates a magnificent scene while driving south on Seton Avenue. The passenger-side view is a perfect glimpse of the Catoctin Mountains, becoming even more sublime when accompanied by an exquisite pink sunset. Take a second to look around you and notice the splendor within things that you might pass by every day.

A crooked tree at the Emmitsburg parkTo help slow the quicksand of time, consider trying something new. This could be ordering food from a new restaurant, picking a new place to do homework, taking a walk in a different neighborhood, or learning a new skill. I've recently started jumping rope after craving some variance in my workouts, and it has helped reignite the enjoyment I get from exercising. 

So, here's to finding awe in life's little details and doing new things. That's what it's all about anyway, right? 

Until next time on #GraduatingWithGratitude... 


Paige Roberts