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Mount St. Mary's Named 2021 Honoree for PIG Safe Floors Spotlight

Erin Hogan
WordWrite Communications

New Pig Corporation, the world’s leading provider of revolutionary products that keep floors clean and safe, is participating in National Safety Month by celebrating its annual program to honor customers who have gone above and beyond to promote floor safety. Named the PIG Safe Floors Spotlight, New Pig has selected Maryland-based Mount St. Mary’s University as its 2021 honoree.

grippy-mat-thumbnail.png“Since the very start, New Pig has always been a champion of companies that share in our commitment to safety,” said Daniel Silver, vice president of product development at New Pig Corporation. “The team at Mount St. Mary’s not only upholds our mission to promote safe spaces but has also helped us discover new Grippy Mat applications. They are a true PIG partner in every way.”

Mount St. Mary’s is a private, Catholic college nestled just below the Mason-Dixon Line. A dedicated user of New Pig’s Grippy Mat – the world’s first adhesive-backed absorbent floor mat – Mount St. Mary’s was selected for this year’s PIG Safe Floors Spotlight because of its ingenious use of Grippy Mat around its 1,400-acre campus. From gym locker rooms and cafeterias to student dormitories and entranceways, the custodial team at Mount St. Mary’s has covered every problem area around its campus with Grippy Mat.

Designed as a safe and simple alternative to the traditional rubber-backed rental rugs, Grippy Mat lays flat, never bunches up or shifts out of position, and creates a seamless transition from door to floor.

“Using a rental mat company was truly a means to an end – we needed mats to prevent slips and falls, and rental rugs were the industry standard,” said Sherry Vincion, custodial manager at Mount St. Mary’s. “Making the switch to Grippy Mat really changed the way we think about floor mats in a university setting. I’m constantly finding new places to install Grippy to reduce safety hazards.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls account for 25 percent of reported injury claims, costing businesses millions of dollars each fiscal year. At a college campus, the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents is magnified by unexpected weather, events and distracted students.

“You have to be able to provide a safe education environment for your students, faculty and staff – and that will always be an evolving challenge,” said Kim Klabe, director of physical plant operations. “Grippy Mat is a small piece of that puzzle – but it’s a very important piece.”

As a thank you to Mount St. Mary’s for the team’s commitment to safety, New Pig will be gifting custom-printed Grippy Mats around the university’s campus. Set to roll out for the school’s 2021-22 academic year, the mats will feature the school’s logo, as well as other marketing signage.

Each year during National Safety Month, New Pig will honor customers like Mount St. Mary’s with a reward specific to the recipient. Information on how to apply for next year’s PIG Safe Floors Spotlight will be released on the New Pig website and on social channels in January 2022.

To watch a video case study of the Mount St. Mary’s story, click here.

Erin Hogan
WordWrite Communications