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Being Involved Matters

Natalie Solano, C'22

mount st. mary's university campus

Hello, my name is Natalie Solano. I am a Communication major focused on public relations and a philosophy minor. I am looking to go to law school next fall. I am involved in a couple of things at the Mount and would like to share my experiences throughout the semester with everyone reading.

I am a captain for the Mount cheerleading team, a Mount Ambassador, Women in Law club president, the Mountain Echo managing editor, and the NSLS public relations chair. In this blog, I will talk about being involved at the Mount and how it's like to be a senior trying to get into law school. Originally, I wanted to come to the Mount because the campus seemed to be a community and the place is beautiful. Once I got here, I realized that it is much more than a beautiful campus, but it is a place for opportunity.

When I visited the Mount, my tour guide is who made me want to come here. She seemed so friendly, and people were saying hi to her as she walked by. She was making jokes as we stopped building to building. She made me want to become a Mount Ambassador and give prospective students the same experience I received on my visit. My parents were excited about this school and now I see why. This is such a small campus with great opportunities. In my almost four years here, I believe that small campuses allow you to focus more on your schoolwork while also getting the full college experience.

Throughout the years I have been occupied with cheerleading and all the games we must-do practices and choreography that we must put together. The games once again prove that the Mount is a community and remind me why I want to stay here at the Mount. During the games, everyone comes together and celebrates the sport whether we win or lose. Therefore, I call this place my home because when we need to come together, we do.

As a Communication major, my experience here has been enhanced by working with the newspaper and through the writing I do in most of my classes. Both of these experiences have improved my writing skills for the next step of my life, which I hope is law school. I truly believe that once I leave the Mount, I will have a lot to thank the Mount for. The Communication major offers so many paths and things like writing for the newspaper or doing a radio show!

I am excited to share my many experiences with you all as we go through the semester and share with you all my experiences here at the Mount. Come back next week to learn more about my path, and check out my fellow bloggers experiences as we continue to share our view of MSMU!

Natalie Solano, C'22