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My First My View of MSMU Post

Christos Yiatrou, C'22

MSMU campus in the fall

Hello Mounties, welcome to My View of MSMU. My name is Christos, and I will be blogging here for this semester. I am a current senior, majoring in Human Communication and debating whether I should minor in business or add a second concentration in journalism. As for life after the Mount, I am still unsure of what I want to do with my career. Although I'm sure these blogs will help me decide that.

Now that I’ve begun my senior year, I think it's time to reflect over my past three years as a Mount student. Before I get into my time at MSMU I wanted to start with how I got here. This is quite an interesting story because my mother had attended the Mount in the 90's and my sister followed in her footsteps. When it came down to college searching around my sophomore/junior year, to be completely honest I did not want to be in the same school as my sibling, again. After visiting a handful of schools and having a final visit at the Mount, there was something about the atmosphere of this university that separated it from others, so here I went. 

I never really understood why my family loved this school so much until I visited it myself. There is something special about being on a campus that's practically in the middle of nowhere: I like to call it my bubble. Being from South Jersey, there is nothing i’ve experienced like the Mount and coming from a small highschool, It was ideal for me. Apart from other universities, Mount students actually have professors that know them by their name and not a number. It makes a difference as a student to know that your teachers actually care for you to do well and are available if you happen to miss class. 

Over the last three years, I’ve spent a good amount of time with the Men's Club Soccer team here at the Mount. I remember my freshman year, taking every opportunity I could to try and improve the program. My intentions were clear, wanting to leave it in a better condition than what I came into. Halfway through my sophomore year I had the privilege to become president of the club, and really take matters into my own hands.

 As a communication major, I was able to utilize my knowledge in personal relations and social media in hopes of getting the club on track with the help of plenty of others. Approaching my final months here at the Mount, club soccer has had a complete turnaround and I couldn't be happier for the incoming classes. 

For this semester's blog, I will be focusing on something that has helped me grow at the Mount, which is the value of community and taking the initiative. If there is anything I learned more in college about myself it is these two things. 

That's all for this week!

Christos Yiatrou, C'22