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Asia Yates

mount st. mary's university campus

You might have found yourself looking around at your peers and wondering, how did they get where they are? Why am I not there? Well, first I want to let you in on a secret. Like I said in my last post, nothing in life is handed to you. Most importantly, anything in life worth having is not going to be easy and is going to take hard work. If you want something in life you have to go after it. Nobody should want something more for you more than you want it for yourself.

My first year at the Mount for most was a blur in a way. I found myself stepping into a new chapter in my life but overwhelmed and having to adjust. I’ll be honest: It wasn't’t easy. I found myself being home sick, planning for my future, managing my classes, and wanting to have fun. While adjusting, I felt like I was dropping the ball in some areas in my life. Well, I’ll be the one to tell you that is completely okay to be overwhelmed sometimes: It’s something we call “life”, and it happens. Of course, me wanting to be as successful as possible, I didn't take dropping the ball too well.  I was hard on myself because I knew in my mind what I wanted beyond my 4 years at the Mount. You might be thinking “Asia, you were only a freshman RELAX.” You’re right, I was just a freshman freaking out. But look, now 3 years have flown by and I’m alread a junior, writing this blog. Time goes by fast and waits for no one. We must make the most out of every second, minute, and hour 

I never thought I would be where I am today when I first stepped foot on this campus. What I can tell you is that nothing I have achieved or accomplished has been handed to me. It has taken hard work and pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. I was very shy my freshman year at the Mount. My peers and coaching staff would say different, but I was. I was unsure and didn't know how to go about achieving the big dreams and aspirations I have. Honestly, it took for me to branch out and get connected with faculty to have many of the opportunities I have had at the Mount.

What does that mean for you? Well, go and speak to faculty in your field or your interest beyond just class. Ask the questions you may be nervous to ask because you just don’t know how maybe that question can open a potential opportunity for you. In my experience I have learned that to get where you want to be in life it takes not only hard work but networking. 

One of my biggest sayings is that “You have to be uncomfortable sometimes to get comfortable.” What does that mean? Well, it means you might have to have conversations that make you nervous or uncomfortable to obtain knowledge from that conversation that will make you better. You might have to have that job you don’t particularly like but use it to network and it can be what gets you closer to that dream job. Don’t put limitations on yourself! Don’t get in your own head! You are the only person and thing that can keep you from your dreams. I promise, you are capable of more than you even know or can begin to imagine. Just like you put faith in your boss to write your checks every 2 weeks. Put that same faith and assurance in yourself that you can accomplish your biggest dreams. 

Asia Yates