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What Does the Future Hold?

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22

Fall at the Mount

Though the difference between me and some of my peers has always been apparent to me, it’s becoming more and more obvious that we all have something in common: A fear... the future. Life after college is something no one can prepare you for, no matter how many networking events you attend and internship-filled summers you’ve had. 'What does the future hold?' is an ongoing question we ask and prepare ourselves for daily. And for the class of 2022, it’s time to finally find the answer.

As a senior, I ask myself, 'what am I going to do after graduation?' The surface answer is to find a job or to continue my education. For some, it might be trying to move out of their parents' house or get married to their college sweetheart. When you put it like that, it doesn’t seem like much of a mystery. But I dare to question why? Why start a career in that chosen field other than for financial stability? Why continue your education other than to become more certified for your career aspirations? Why move out of your parent or guardian’s home other than to follow social expectations? And why marry your college sweetheart now? These questions tend to lead to more questions, but there is value in pondering them.

We spend so much time wondering what the future holds and not enough time pondering its purpose. The Mount’s mission is to graduate ethical leaders that go on to live a life of significance. But I wonder if my peer’s future aspirations considered the Mount mission’s statement at all? To live a life of significance is to live a life that matters, that has a positive impact on others. This doesn’t mean we all have to become social workers or join the Peace Corps to achieve this. But whatever the future holds, it has to serve a purpose for not only ourselves. 

Whether you are planning to go to graduate school, land your dream job, or get married... what you do should hold a greater purpose than financial gain or personal happiness. Money comes and goes and happiness can fade away. But doing something that impacts another human being is something that stands the test of time. I personally ponder what the future holds as I sit in the back of my Senior Seminar class, a course the wraps up my last few months at the Mount. I share the same fears, anxieties, and uncertainties as my peers that sit beside me. Even though a few of us already know where we want to go and maybe even how to get there, no one truly knows what the future holds.

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22