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Why Organization?

Asia Yates

organization photo

I want you to ask yourself, 'Why should I be organized? What does being organized even mean?'

Often times when growing up, many of us were told, “stay organized” ...but what does that even mean? What does it mean to be organized? The typical organized person is considered to be neat, prompt, and detail-oriented. Would you consider yourself to be organized? Well, I would like to think that the idea of being organized isn’t just specifically one thing. Maybe there are levels to being organized and staying organized. There are people that can be socially organized, academically organized, and a combination of both. Think about it.... what are you?  

In grade school, there was someone to keep us organized. I know you have to remember in Kindergarten. We walked into class and put our backpacks and lunch boxes in our cubby’s that had our name on it. Our colored pencils, pencils, markers, and crayons were in our colorful box with our name on it. Someone was in charge of doing it all for us, and we just followed in the routine. Somewhere along the line, staying organized was put into our hands. For some of us, it was hard to maintain that routine; for others, it became second nature. What did it become for you? 

It seems that after a certain point, not only was it important for us to remain organized but it began to affect future consequences. You may be asking, “Asia, what consequences are you talking about?” Well, I’ll take you back to high school. Remember when you had to plan out your classes to make sure you would receive your diploma? What followed after that? GRADUATION! You had to make sure all your paperwork was in and transcripts were sent to your selected colleges so that way you could attend. I have good news, if you're reading this I would bargain to say you were decently organized! LOL.  

Getting to this point at some point things began to get pretty difficult with staying organized, having a plan for your life, and maintaining all your responsibilities. Now we are at the point where we are under piles of textbooks, assignments, exams, and super long papers. I know it can be very overwhelming: It's hard to manage everything, and on top of that, maintain a personal life too. You hit a point in life where it becomes critical to be organized, so those dreams and aspirations happen. It’s important to have a Plan A, Plan B, and even a Plan C because you never know what life may throw at you. 

I can tell you life is full of mysteries and a roller coaster ride for sure. You not only have to be organized, but you must learn how to adapt. So, when life throws you punches you are able to duck, dodge, and recover from them as if nothing happened. My best advice and point of all of this is to always stay proactive especially when it comes to the trajectory of your life. Your life is ultimately in your hands, and you are in control of if all those dreams and goals become a reality. It won’t always be easy; I can promise you that. However, when you reach the end and see those nights you stayed up, organized all those plans, and maybe even cried. Those moments pay off when you reach where you want to be in life.  

Asia Yates