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Signs Of ADHD

Eileen Rosewater

mount st. mary's university campus

Depending on the type of learning disability someone has, there are different signs one might show. This week I am focusing on recognizing the signs in children.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was fairly young, which has allowed me many years to adapt to various environments and overcome my difficulties. ADHD is the disability that I am most familiar with, so this post will be focused on discussing the signs of ADHD in children.

According to an article on Healthline, some common signs of ADHD in kids are inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Inattention includes:

  • lacking attention to detail
  • making careless mistakes
  • being easily distracted
  • losing track of things (i.e backpack, books, toys)
  • has difficulty staying organized

Hyperactivity and Impulsivity include:

  • fidgeting/ not being able to sit still
  • difficulty waiting his/her turn
  • excessive talking
  • inability to play quietly
  • blurts out answers in class (before the question is finished being asked or before being called on by the teacher)

It is important to recognize these signs in children to get them tested as soon as possible so they are then able to learn how to navigate through life in a way that is most beneficial to them.

Basic Google searches can tell you anything you need to know about learning disabilities. If you are someone who has a learning disability, I highly recommend that you continue to educate yourself on your disability. It is important to understand how your brain works so that when you are an adult and you are expected to know all of your own information (like at a doctor's appointment) you are able to articulate your issues and work out solutions. Understanding your difficulties and being able to talk to doctors about them and asking the right questions can benefit you a lot. The sooner you recognize the signs and the sooner you start educating yourself on your disability, the more time you will have to learn how to succeed in life.

Next week I will talk about how ADHD shows itself in different settings.

Eileen Rosewater