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Mount Favorite Things

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22

mount st. mary's university campus

Everyone has an aspect of the Mount that they love, whether it is the small campus, our Division I athletics, or the focus on graduating ethical leaders. My favorite thing at the Mount is the scenery. I have always admired the beauty of nature and the Mount’s natural setting is something I’ll truly miss when I graduate. If you haven’t taken a moment to appreciate nature or don’t know where to start, I’ll give you some must-see places at the Mount. 

If you haven’t taken the walk to the National Shrine Grotto, I would highly recommend taking the trip before winter settles in. I had the privilege to visit the Grotto before I was an undergrad. The Grotto is so close to nature and wildlife that it’s perfect for nature lovers. There are many quiet areas at the Grotto which are great for spiritual reflection.  

There are also many open trails at the Mount for everyone to take. I would recommend taking a friend, but if you would like to go alone, that’s fine too. Behind the ARCC, you’ll find multiple walkways you can take to reconnect with nature. If you haven’t taken the DiNunzio Trail, I would highly recommend it. These are not high-traffic areas so they are generally peaceful. If you are looking for a new route to run, these are perfect. From certain parts, you can see the actual scale of the mountains. 

Another great natural area is near the new cottages. There are some beautiful patches of nature near that housing so if you haven’t taken the walk it’s better now than never. There are many spots on campus where you can go to admire nature only five minutes or less from your dorm. Whether it is the autumn trees in front of the science building or the purple-blue sunset cascading over the ARCC, nature is all around us. All you have to do is stop to appreciate it!

Taking the time to appreciate nature is a great way to destress and calm your anxiety. If things start to get overwhelming, our beautiful campus makes it easy to get a breath of fresh air.   

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22