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My Sister as a Roommate

Christos Yiatrou, C'22

mount st. mary's university campus

Hey Mounties! For this week's blog, I wanted to talk about improving our relationships. Whether it’s a roommate, friend, or significant other, there's always room for growth.  

My journey at the Mount has allowed me to build friendships that will last a lifetime, but I would like to highlight my roommate of 22 years, my sister. Not many of us have the luxury of having a sibling as a college roommate...if you would consider it as a luxury at all. Although, it has its perks. I remember doing favors like picking her up after an Ott's night and counting on the day until that favor is returned.  

Rooming with your sibling isn't the most conventional approach to college life either, so some of the stuff I bring up may not make complete sense to all of you, but the lessons are universal. When I first moved off campus after my freshman year, I mentioned in a previous blog that I wasn’t initially excited about moving in with my sister and her two friends. The first semester was brutal considering many other factors like school and work stress that are bound to appear in college. My relationship with my sister was clearly getting worse because we were bickering and arguing like most siblings do, but why?  

There came a point where we realized that even though we were siblings we needed to be better roommates. For all our lives we shared the same house, same school, and even at some point shared the same car. It was time to set bigger boundaries. College comes with lots of freedom, and it's usually the first time in our lives where we leave home to express our freedoms without anyone breathing down our necks. For me it was very much the same until I began living with my sister. I think it's normal for siblings to look out for one another, especially if it's in their best interest. Although it can be hard to define the line. Most of our arguments were based on the premise that we didn’t give each other space. Which was true. What we thought was “help” was actually doing the opposite to our relationship.  

I'm currently in my third year of living with my sister in college, and there's definitely been more ups than downs. Yes, we argue, and we will continue to do so... We are siblings at the end of the day, so it's inevitable! However, I can assure you that if I hadn’t lived with my sister over the past few years, our relationship would probably be very different. Honestly speaking, who knows if I would have even gotten to this point in college if it wasn’t for her. I consider myself very lucky in this aspect because I had someone to go to if need be, and I think this prevented a lot of homesickness I may have experienced otherwise.  

I may not be the only person to have a sibling attending the Mount, but I’m sure I'm one of few who lives with theirs. I would like to add that this week's blog isnt about how you should start rooming with your sibling. If anything, I don’t recommend that anyone lives with their sibling in college unless you have to. College is all about independence and pursuing our careers, which can be difficult to achieve when you have a sibling always there to catch you when you fall. Sure, this may sound helpful, but in order for us to grow we need to learn from our mistakes and not have anyone hold our hands along the way. That is why it was important that my sister and I were able provide boundaries and not let our sibling instincts interfere with our lives.  

Thanks for tuning in!  

Christos Yiatrou, C'22