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Shaking the Mid-Semester Blues

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22

Fall at the Mount

With a little over a month left in the semester, burnout is a reality for many faculty and students. This semester has been like no other. Fall 2021 has been our first full semester open and on-campus since Fall 2019. Though the majority of us are in person, we are still restricted by Covid-19 regulations. The pandemic has a never-ending level of stress and anxiety, especially in an academic setting where we are preparing for our future. But now more than ever our future is uncertain. All this combined with readjusting to in-person learning and heavy course loads have brought us here to our mid-semester blues. I, like many, am no stranger to burnout. We’re all drained and tired, but what can we do to finish out the semester strong? 

The first step for me is to recognize what’s out of my control as well as what’s within it. The challenges life throws at me are completely out of my control, but how I react to those challenges is in my control. My mental health is in my control: Even though it may not seem like it, it is. I can make the choice to recognize when I'm struggling with my mental health and reach out for help before it's too late. I can’t control how many assignments I have, but I can control how prepared I am for them and when I get them done. And for everything I can’t control, there are resources at the Mount to help me. Whether it's my professors, counseling services, learning services, CSD, or any other department on campus, taking advantage of the resources at my disposal is a major part of shaking off the mid-semester blues. 

If you missed it Monday night, the sidewalks near Patriot and Phillips library were covered with positive messages written in colorful chalk. Messages like “Mental Health Matters” and “Smile at the little things” may have been stomped on by the students who were too preoccupied to read them, but were gazed at by the curious students who followed behind. I’ve never come across a message sent like this during my time at the Mount or maybe I wasn't in a position to notice them before now. But it just goes to show that we’re not alone. We’re all struggling and as a community, it’s important to help each other out. We’re all facing the mid-semester blues and we need each to help shake it off as a Mount community. Even if it's something as simple as just listening to each other when someone needs to vent, the smallest things can make a world of a difference. Together we can shake off the mid-semester blues!

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22