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Take Care of Yourself

Asia Yates

mount st. mary's university campus

I have a few questions to ask you... what does it mean to take care of yourself? What does that look like? Most importantly, how do you take care of yourself? Well, most would say to take care of yourself means you compassionately accept yourself. Accept who you are and don't burn yourself out trying to change. It also means to not try to do everything all at the same time. If you know me, you may be saying to yourself, “Asia you are one to talk.” Truthfully, anyone who knows me knows that I do a ton of different things at once. I’m always on the move and my body and brain never stop. 

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m guilty and I don’t take enough care of myself. Does anyone really take the best care of themselves? There’s always something we can change or do better. It’s the cycle of this wonderful thing called life. However, what matters is what you do when you realize you aren’t taking enough care of yourself. Do you sit complacent and just let everything slip through the cracks? Do you shut down? Is your work significantly impacted? For most, one (if not all) of these three things happen to people who don’t take enough care of themselves. I’m the first to tell you that you must admit, IT’S TOO MUCH! Take a moment to relax! It’s okay to not be okay, I promise. Especially this time we are living in. 

We have gone from seeing each other’s faces and having face-to-face interactions to being masked and conducting some of our life's business on Zoom and other video calling software. Before, we went to parties, traveled, and experimented with life. Now we are behind several different screens, whether it’s social media or even our classes. It can become draining, and you don’t realize how things are just a constant cycle. You begin to let yourself go and realize you don’t pay enough attention to yourself. I’m telling you now, PAY ATTENTION! You are important! Things will not get done. You won’t reach all those dreams you have if you don’t take care of yourself. 

I want you to ask yourself: what are some things that are important to me? What are some things that make me happy? Once you point out those different things feed into them. Whether it’s: reading, dancing, singing, chess, sports, painting, walking, and even just a cup of coffee. Treat yourself! You wake up every day and you work, go to class, sports, clubs, or whatever your schedule consists of. Don’t you think you deserve something out of the day that’s geared toward making sure you are okay? College is hard: We all know it and we are living it. When you first create a schedule of taking care of yourself, take care of those around you. We need to uplift and support each other. You never know what the person next to you may be going through. Be the person to help not to add to whatever they may be going through.

Take Care of You!

Asia Yates