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Back In Season

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22

Fall at the Mount

Covid has changed the way we do a lot of things, but one aspect that was greatly impacted by the pandemic at the Mount was basketball season. Both the men’s and women’s teams had a great season last year but didn’t have the Mount community and fans there to cheer them on like in past years. Empty bleachers were a change of pace compared to the usual loud roars and cheers from the crowd. Despite still being in the pandemic, we were finally able to have our first season opener since 2019.  

As a member of the Mount Dance Team, I can visually remember what game days are like, a privilege that current sophomores, freshmen and even some juniors haven’t been granted, so there was a lot of excitement surrounding the  November 11th game. After a rough two years and a stressful semester, the energy on campus was undeniable. There was so much buzz surrounding the game. Everyone was excited, anxious, nervous yet eager to attend. The student section was packed and for the first time, we had a pep band. Both the cheer and the dance team had a chance to perform after a long practice season. But all I could think about is what assignments I had due the next day.  

Looking back at the first opener I can say it was the first time in a long time that I saw so many students proud to be a Mountaineer. Many students came straight from the tailgate and were all coordinated. The pep band played amazingly and both the cheer and dance team were well-received. The game was an easy win; our men’s team made it to triple digits beating a D3 team. It’s to be expected because our team is D1 and made it to March Madness during past seasons. Even though the game was predictable, the audience was still engaged. Because of the pandemic, we were not able to have many gatherings as a Mount community last academic year, especially on such a grand scale. That’s something I didn’t really appreciate at the moment when I was attending the game. But looking back, it really was a moment when we were truly a Mount community: Where we all share the same goal, the same excitement, the same laughter as one.  

I’m excited for future home games with the men’s and women’s basketball teams for the rest of the season. There are fewer opportunities to be together and not worry about the 10-page paper we have due on Friday or the five-hour shift we just left, so it's important to appreciate the ones we do have. Activities like these are our time to relax and come together as a community.  

Ashley S Torkornoo, C'22