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The End of the Road

Asia Yates

mount st. mary's university campus

We have been through a lot this semester. It has been far from normal, pre-COVID times. But one thing has remained true, we have shown that we are capable of adapting. We went from hybrid learning to something resembling  face-to-face learning again. I know for myself and for many others that this wasn’t an easy transition. Things seemed to drag on. It felt like we were constantly up against another obstacle. The more we pushed forward, often it felt like we were taking steps back. When we first started this journey together, I told you I was here, that you weren’t alone and that we were going to do this together. Well, I have good news: WE MADE IT!!

I’m so proud of you; I’m proud of us! Remember when I first told you that “We have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable”? We were uncomfortable this semester, but now we can kick our feet up and relax for a month. I want you to remember all the things we talked about over the course of this semester. I want you to continue to believe in yourself and push yourself. Close out this semester with a BANG! Whether you have already left the campus or not, when you hit that final “submit” button, take some time to CELEBRATE. WE DESERVE IT! I want you to practice patience, believe in yourself, let people help when you are in need, but most importantly, love yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Carry everything we have talked about into next semester and soar. The world is your oyster; make it whatever you want it to be. If you ever forget what we have accomplished over this past semester, just come back to these very blogs, and remind yourself. Even though our time has come to an end on this journey, remember that you are far from alone. You still have me here cheering for you and rooting for you success. If you ever get too comfortable just know in the back of your head that you can probably be doing more. It’s okay to be uncomfortable; it will push you further. Don’t stay in a place of complacency. How else will you get to all those big dreams? Those big dreams take big leaps of faith and work.

I know you will make me so proud, and I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish by the end of May 2022. Another challenge complete!



Asia Yates