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We are Almost There

Asia Yates

mount st. mary's university campus

WE ARE ALMOST THERE! We are nearing the end of another semester. I know it hasn’t been easy, and I know we have been through a lot. Going from hybrid classes to being just about fully in person... Having to make sure our attention span is back where it used to be before COVID... Re-learning ourselves and how we learn best... Remembering how to motivate ourselves when things get hard or when we are in really deep lows... None of this has been easy but we’ve been on this journey together. Your not alone today just like you weren’t alone all the previous Thursdays I posted. Guess what? You won’t be alone once we hit that final stretch.

What do we make of this semester? What do we take from it? Well, what we can make of it right now is that we almost made it through another semester. It might take us a while to really figure out what we really took away, but right now we can at least say we made it through another semester. We carry this with us as we begin finals next week. It doesn’t just stop there either though: We carry what we've learned into Spring Semester. True progress doesn’t stop; it’s always continuous. Constantly growing as we grow. Now, enough of that ... what about finals?

For some of you this may be your first college final process. For others of us this isn’t your first rodeo. So, you kind of have a leg up so use what you have learned over the years to your advantage. Better yet, those of us who have been through this should encourage and give those helpful tools to the freshmen on campus. I want to specifically speak to the freshmen here on campus. I want you first and foremost to be proud of yourself! Like take a step back, do you remember when you first stepped foot on campus? Whether that was Orientation, Mount 101, August Orientation, or the first day of the semester: You were nervous in some capacity and that was normal and to be expected. I’m sure during that time you weren’t sure if you would make it this far. Look at you though! You made it! I’m so proud of you! The journey hasn’t been easy, but you fought through it. Your grades may be amazing or maybe not where you want them to be, but it’s all about how you finish. Finish strong!

You might be saying, "Asia, that’s easier said than done." I know, I get it. However, I believe in you and I know you are fully capable of finishing strong. Well, start off by believing in yourself first and giving yourself credit for how far you have come. Next, apply yourself to the best of your ability during this last final hump. Then I want you to study hard but take time to take care of yourself. Give yourself breaks during studying, go off campus and get something to eat with friends, laugh and then resume. It might even help for you to study around your closest friends and motivate one another. Why? You all are walking down the same road of nerves with your first set of college finals. Finally, after everything is said and done no matter what your final grade might be. DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!!!! It was your first experience and won’t be your last so learn from it and apply what you learned to next semester.


Asia Yates