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You are not Alone

Asia Yates

mount st. mary's university campus

I think often we get caught up with life. We don’t realize that we need to lean on each other. I strongly believe if we were meant to be in this world alone, then when you turn your head from left to right you wouldn’t see people around you. What does that mean? We can’t play this game of life by ourselves. It takes you and me together to lift each other up or even support one another. Life is far from easy, so why try to do it alone?

I’m extremely independent. I would rather do things on my own because I know it will get done and will be completed how I like things to be done. However, sometimes that can become very overwhelming, and you feel a lot is on your plate. You are bearing everything on your own when, in reality, you aren’t alone. I know it isn’t the easiest to depend on others. You don’t want to be disappointed or even let down. Depending on others means you are putting a lot of faith in them, that they will handle whatever needs to be handled and it may be something new and different for you. Believe me I know! As I said before, I don’t like asking for help. But I’m realizing more and more that I can’t handle everything on my own. So, what does this mean? Well, first, it doesn’t mean you just put your trust just in anyone. I'm speaking from experience.

You must take baby steps. Start out by trusting those closest to you. How do you know the ones closest to you? Well, take a moment and reflect on the people you know and who has been there for you most. Who has been there to pick you up when you are down? Who has extended their hand to help? Who has motivated you and pushed you to be where you are? I’m sure by now, after asking yourself those questions, you are starting to realize who those people are. Now that you can visualize who they are, ask for help with the small things. It doesn’t matter what it may be. Like I said, take baby steps. Start small so it isn’t overwhelming for you to let go and accept help. Once you have mastered this step more and more, you can begin to feel more comfortable with accepting help.

Asking for help or needing help doesn’t make you any less than who you are. It doesn’t mean you are weak or that you can’t handle it. It simply means that you are aware and acknowledge that you can’t do it on your own. Guess what? That is okay! I’m going through this transition with you. So, you aren’t alone: You can ask those around you for help. You also aren’t alone in this journey because I’m taking those baby steps right along side you.

The writing I have done over the course of this semester isn’t just for me. It’s for me and you. I told you before that we are in this together. I use this as a resource to reach out to those who may be struggling to help. The point is you aren’t in this journey called life alone. It’s okay to struggle or fall short; it’s all about how you handle it. Most importantly, just remember it’s okay to ask for help. 


Asia Yates