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Preparing for Finals Week

Michael Gomez

As we approach the end of April, there’s only one more week of classes left before finals week. The weekend after finals week is graduation for myself and all other seniors at the Mount. However, just because we’re graduating doesn’t mean that finals aren’t important, because they are super important no matter the circumstances. Final exams make up a large percentage of our grades, so a good grade on the final would be very beneficial towards a student’s final grade for any given class. All of the knowledge that us students have learned in every class this semester has a chance to appear on the final, so it’s very important to study hard for them. While I’m not a very good test taker, I am feeling pretty confident as I still have two more weeks to prepare for these exams.

My classes this semester aren’t too difficult, and the professors of my classes here at the Mount play a huge part in making sure of that. The professors here at the Mount always try not to pin too much work on the students, and are always available either before, after, or outside of class if any student needs any sort of help with the information being taught. Most of my professors also give the class a study guide with what types of topics and information will be on the test. This helps students a lot when studying for these huge exams, as rather than studying every single thing we’ve learned, we could focus on certain topics that we’ve learned which helps save a lot of time and stress.

Learning Services always plays a huge role in helping students at the Mount prepare for their final exams. They can help struggling students as they offer tutors, and many other ways of assistance. Finals matter for every single class and although some seniors are already feeling ‘senioritis’ since we’re so close to graduation, there still shouldn’t be any reason to slack. These final exams make up a large amount of a student’s grade, so it is especially important for seniors not to lose their focus and prepare for their finals. We still have a few days before finals week begins, but I’m confident that I’m going to do great on all of my exams.  

Michael Gomez