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Final Post

Luke Smist, C'22

Week 13 of my senior year began with a lot of stress and the end of my job search. This is because I was running out of time to accept the first job offer that I received from Baker Construction, but I was still waiting to hear from NVR in Rehoboth Beach which was my first pick. Therefore, halfway through the week, I decided to take the risk of declining the offer from Baker in the hopes that I would receive an offer from NVR. Sure enough, rolling the dice paid off at the last possible moment as I received the offer that ended up having a much better compensation package than I expected! I accepted the offer from NVR, and I am officially planning on moving out to the beach after graduation.

Upon receiving the offer, my friends and I spent the remainder of the week celebrating at various spots in Emmitsburg like the Ott House and the swim house where we did karaoke. This was an especially rewarding moment because that same morning multiple teammates of mine also accepted offers from companies in Baltimore and DC. 

Unfortunately, the end of my weekend was less exciting. I spent most of my Sunday recovering from a crazy week, attending Mass, and doing homework. In hindsight, it was an awesome time and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future. Thanks for following along as I chronicled my life as a Mount senior this semester!

Luke Smist, C'22