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Take the Next Step: Attend the Job and Internship Fair

Molly Dustin, C'23

Are you ready to start exploring your options on where to go after the Mount?  Are you feeling uneasy about stepping into the workforce?  Take the next step by attending the virtual job and internship fair on September 28 from 3:30 to 6 p.m.

This job and internship fair can be the first step to connecting and making ties with your future.  This event can offer either one-on-one time with employers or group sessions with your peers.  The 10-minute one-on-one sessions act as a mini-interview with the employer.  The group sessions are more of an information-session format lasting about 30 minutes. 

So, how do you take advantage of this opportunity? Log onto Handshake now, register, and upload your working resume.  Once you register for the event, you will have access to a list of participating employers, and you will then be granted access to sign up for the employer sessions that interest you most.  Now onto more serious questions about the event:

What should you wear?

Business professional attire is recommended, so dress as if you were going to work for the employer to set a great first impression.  And remember if you need business attire, reach out and visit the Mount Suits You free professional clothing closet.

How should you prepare for the event?

Look over your resume and upload the most up-to-date version that has all the qualities and information about yourself that makes you most marketable.  If time allows, be sure to seek feedback on your resume.  Additionally, after choosing the employer or employers you would like to target, you should do some preliminary research and learn a little bit about them.  Along with researching the employers, think about what you want to communicate with them.

What do you want to communicate with employers?

First off, communicate important details about who you are and some values you may hold.  Also, communicate what makes you unique and what makes you the best fit for this position.  This could include hands-on training, pertinent coursework, any certifications, and/ or awards that you have received.   

Where should you attend this event?

Given this is a professional event held online on Handshake, check your area, and ensure you have a neutral background, a quiet place, and good Wi-Fi. 

What should I do after the Job and Internship Fair?

It is good to follow up with employers after the fair.  You can do this by sending them an email and thanking them for their time, connecting on LinkedIn, or you could even apply for the position that they were promoting.  It is ideal to follow up as soon as possible within the week following the event. 

What should I take away from an event like this?

You will most likely get what you put into a career fair.  So, if you put your best foot forward and push yourself to mingle with all the employers that may interest you and do your best in your interactions, then you will get the most…… bang for your buck!

So, to wrap up all this information, I want you to know that you're not alone.  Job or internship seeking is not easy, and the employers are looking for you and want you just like you want them!  It is never too early or too late to connect in the professional world; that is why this event is open for undergraduates, graduates, and alumni.  Let’s make this a great event, and Go Mount!

Molly Dustin, C'23