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Taking a Sick Day

Ana Purchiaroni C' 23

On the Outside Looking In Blog

I know my whole theme for this blog is my journey to socializing and putting myself out there, but unfortunately the cold and flu season waits for no one.

You know what is worse than being sick? Being sick in college. I’m not sure if it’s due to the battle between my roommates and the AC, my lack of self-care, or simply that time of year. In any case it has struck me all too soon. The feeling of a brick in your throat that doesn’t go down no matter how hard you swallow or how much tea you throw at it. The tossing and turning at night as you switch from freezing hot to swelteringly cold. Suddenly the life was sucked out of me, and my battery percentage went from 100% to “switching to battery saving mode.”

In high school you got to stay home from school, watch some cartoons, and let an adult do the rest. But now you are the adult. You have to get yourself out of bed to make food or buy food. You have to take your own medication and find out the dosage and when you can take it again. You have to will yourself to stay on task with homework, knowing your professors will realistically let you off the hook for maybe a day or two before you’re drowning in assignments.

This can be a hard time for some of us who feel incapable of caring for ourselves (me), but I wanted to let you know that you can get through this. I am no doctor, so I cannot give you medical advice. However, I do know that one of the most important things to do is rest. At least when you are feeling your worst, it is counterproductive to try to push through and write that paper or go to that club meeting or do whatever assignment is due tomorrow. Your body needs time and rest in order to heal so you have to give it a chance to do its thing. If you are a workaholic, this may be difficult for you, but if you are not feeling 100%, how are you supposed to give 100% of your effort? Exactly, so go to sleep.

Now I know my whole theme for this blog is my journey to socializing and putting myself out there, but unfortunately the cold and flu season waits for no one. Therefore, I would consider this week to be a temporary setback, a momentary loss (name that Barbie movie reference). I was not able to put myself out there because I was in here, resting , as I should. That doesn’t mean that I have failed for this week. In fact before I fell ill, I decided to get outside and read a book while

soaking up some vitamin D, and you will never guess what happened. Someone came up to me and we started a conversation, the start to a great friendship. I spent all day with that person and soon another joined us. We went to the café, IT support, my apartment, and the library. I think the secret to that escapade was simply the old improv rule of “yes, and.” Speaking of improv, I also enjoyed being a small part of FamilyFest as an actor for the pirate themed Murder Mystery Dinner. I walked around to 20 or so tables of strangers and actually sat down and talked with them. That’s right an introvert going up to tables of people I haven’t met, people of significance like families, and I kept them engaged in the show. At the end, everyone thought I was the one who killed the captain, which means I either suck at acting or I am a wonderful performer. I’ll let those who attended decide.

There you have it, I did a lot of stuff, but just when I was at my peak, mother nature decided that that was a little too much socializing for me. In a way, I was being a workaholic by my own standards and starting to spread myself too thin. I hope you all can learn two valuable lessons from me. One, don’t spread yourself too thin or else you will get sick, and two, when you do get sick, don’t spread yourself too thin and please please, take the time to rest.

Ana Purchiaroni C' 23