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Meet-and-Greet Tables

Molly Dustin, C'23
Career Center Intern

A great way to jump-start your career exploration is by attending a meet-and-greet table. What is a meet-and-greet table,? It is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with employers, ask questions, and see what they are looking for in an employee. Through a meet-and-greet table, you’ll have the chance to make a first impression on what could possibly be your future employer—make the most of it and put your best foot forward!

The Career Center is proud to hold multiple meet-and-greet tables throughout the semester, in Patriot Hall. In fact, employers approach the Career Center and ask for an opportunity to hold their table here on our campus.

As you approach a table, remember not to judge a book by its cover. Stay open-minded to every career opportunity, and that employer might open new doors for you. You might find your future career in a place you were not yet looking.

Meet-and-greet tables are a fun, low-pressure way to begin your networking journey. There is not expected attire for these tables, but if you do want to stand out and leave a lasting impression, then feel free to dress for success! Additionally, there are no obligations or commitments surrounding these tables. You do not need to RSVP beforehand: just walk up, shake hands if you’d like, and ask away.

The next meet-and-greet tables will be tomorrow with the Army from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Earlier this week the Washington Internship Institute (WII) was on campus.

One important tip to remember is it is still your responsibility to reach out to internship opportunities, but WII will be there to support you. For more information about WWII, please visit their website

The Army table is tailored to students who are already enlisted in ROTC. More students will have the chance to join ROTC, so if you are not enlisted already, you can enlist, and these opportunities will apply to you.

Once enlisted, this table will provide information on any jobs offered by the Army in logistics, legal, medical, technology, cyber, pilot, or combat arms. Furthermore, this table will also give you the opportunity to discuss whether working full-time as an active-duty officer or part-time in the Army Reserves or the National Guard is right for you. For more information regarding ROTC applications, tuition reimbursement, or potential jobs attend the table or check out their website.

If you are unable to make any tables this week, there is an upcoming table with Dustin Construction. This employer has rescheduled their table to the week after Fall Break on Wednesday, October 19 from 12 to 2 p.m. Dustin Construction was here in the spring 2022 semester, and they decided to come back to interact with more of our students. Missy Hawkins, the director of human resources, will be on campus ready to answer all your questions while representing Dustin Construction.

Tables are open to all Mount students but are geared towards business majors, with an emphasis on those in project management and interest in construction, economics majors, and accounting majors—Dustin Construction is recruiting full-time and internship positions in those three fields. They are also looking for summer seasonal manual laborers that want to start their experience in the construction field.

If any of these positions interest you, I encourage you to apply! Dustin Construction will reimburse you for any schooling that you receive in relation to your given position. Also, Dustin Construction offers medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, and a 5% 401k contribution guaranteed. They are also able to give you 15 full paid time off days a year, along with paid holidays off. If you are not interested in a full-time position, they also offer benefits for interns. They can offer you eligible overtime and housing allowance if you are not local.

Dustin Construction prides itself on being a family-owned business that wants to give you the time off to spend time with your family as well. Additionally, to this company, you will not just be a number to them but a member of the team and a person that matters. They show you that you matter by holding team holiday parties and picnics, where all employees are welcome. For more information about this company and its opportunities, you can attend their table or explore their website

There are many Meet & Greet Tables happening here at the Mount and many more to come. Be sure to keep checking your emails and Handshake accounts to hear about the next opportunity. Feel free to walk up to any one of these tables to start working on your future!

Molly Dustin, C'23
Career Center Intern