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Student Spotlight: Collin Nji, C’23

Office of Alumni Engagement

Collin Nji, C’23

Honors student and Mount fellow, Collin Nji, C’23, is a computer science major who is also minoring in data science and English.

Excellence is a habit for Collin Nji, who consistently works to reach his potential.

When he was only 17, Collin won international acclaim as a Google Code-In grand prize winner— the first African winner. His need to understand and perfect systems is rooted in his desire to solve real problems, build community and be of service to others—and hackathons provided all three.

In 2017, Collin won Best Google Cloud Machine Learning API Hack for the MHacks X hackathon at the University of Michigan. His team’s project, Think Freely, was aimed at helping freewriters be more productive by constructing a graph of the writer’s thought process. Using GCP Sentiment Analysis API, they could understand the sentiment of each word in the text—producing a tree-like graph structure that relates words to each other based on context and sentiment.

“To think of technology as something that’s going to be the doom of humanity does not serve technology any justice. It’s only going to make people’s lives better, from my view.”~ Collin Nji, C’23

Every summer Collin works to expand his skillset and enhance his understanding. In 2020 he worked as a data research analyst for the Center for Security and Emerging Technology. In 2021 he was a research fellow for the Data Science for Social Good Foundation headquartered in Coventry, England. Most recently, he worked as a software engineer intern for American Express.

As an honors student and Mount fellow, he has found a community of friends on campus, where he has the freedom to explore his ever-expanding interests inside and outside of the classroom. The Office of Competitive Fellowships, led by Associate Professor of History and Marshall Scholar Jamie Gianoutsos, Ph.D., is run by a team of dedicated faculty mentors who empower students like Collin to compete for and win nationally recognized awards. The mission is to help Mount students translate what they learn at the university into action for the world.

What’s fueling his passion?

Whether he finds inspiration through mentoring, coaching, biking, or playing a game of soccer, he’s hopeful about the future—and technology’s role in it. Collin has learned that challenges and failures are great ways to get out of your comfort zone.

Office of Alumni Engagement