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Student Spotlight: Maureen Pham, C’24

Office of Alumni Engagement

Maureen Pham, C’24

Majoring in English and secondary education.

Maureen Pham, C’24, has lovingly served the Mount community in so many ways. She works as a resident assistant for first-year students, participates with Lighted Corners literary magazine and is part of the environmental club. After completing an internship with the Mount’s Career Center, she is now a service intern for the Thurmont Food Bank. This spring she will complete an education internship.

Describe learning in the classroom and how Mount professors help increase your understanding of your faith and the world.

One of the factors that most attracted me to the Mount was its small class size. Having a relationship with your professors makes a huge difference in your quality of education; even just having professors who know your name is an experience that many of my friends from high school lack.

Many Mount professors genuinely challenge their students to think deeper about their worldviews. I particularly think about a core/required philosophy course one of my friends and I shared last year. After almost every class, we would walk back to our dorms discussing points we either didn’t understand or wanted to flesh out further. It was a philosophy class, but it challenged us to articulate what exactly we believed and why.

What’s been your best college experience to date?

One of my favorite college experiences to date was volunteering as a Mount Doordasher through CORE during my freshman and sophomore years. About twice a week I delivered meals to students in quarantine housing. Aside from the fun of driving around campus in a golf cart or university van, it familiarized me with the campus layout. It was also a way for me to concretely assist my community in the face of a pandemic I largely felt helpless in mitigating. It was a unique Mount experience that, although seemingly small, I greatly enjoyed it.

What plans do you have after graduation?

Post-graduation I plan to attend the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy at Temple University. This will allow me to work at the National Park Service during the summers and teach either high school or middle school English during the school year.

How do you think the Mount prepares you for life after college?

The Mount teaches you practical skills necessary for adult life. For example, the small class sizes, unlike many larger universities, means that your absence is noticed if you miss a class. It holds you accountable to your commitment as a university student, which translates well into adult responsibilities. The Mount also has a plethora of resources offered to its students. Our Career Center is a fantastic resource that can connect you to hundreds of employers, strengthen your interview skills, or even just answer questions you have regarding future steps. There are so many departments at the Mount interested in students’ success during and after college.

Office of Alumni Engagement