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Hello, My Name is...

Colby Davis C'23

Leffew, Thomas, and Lipscomb

Looking Back While Moving Forward

As I begin this journey, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Colby Davis, and I am a part of the 2023 graduating class. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania, and a communication major. As senior year comes to an end, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of my favorite moments from my four years here at the Mount. 

Although this time was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it made me appreciate the time I have left. I was fortunate to meet my best friend, Maddy, freshman year in Sheridan as she lived next door to me. Sophomore year took a lot of adjustment as we tried to navigate through a pandemic. I even lived in a hotel for a semester. This was the year I felt lost and was trying to figure out what I wanted to pursue career-wise.  

All I knew was that I wanted to work in sports. I began reaching out to public relations personnel in professional sports to learn about obtaining an internship in this area. I have always been told internships are the best way to figure out what you want to do. After hearing back from a few, the general consensus was internships were only offered post-graduate. However, one person suggested starting in Sports Information at the Mount.

As of August 2021, I have held an internship in Sports Information. Attending a smaller university provided me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience to understand if I enjoy working in sports. Fortunately, I fell in love with social media in sports. I do various things such as taking pictures during games, live-tweeting during games, writing articles and doing more behind the scenes. My favorite thing about this internship is creating gameday graphics.

This is when I knew I wanted to pursue social media in sports. Not only do I love watching games, but I love the creativity that comes with working in social media. I enjoy working with certain sports more than others, yet I am not limiting myself to a specific sport when applying for jobs.

Not only do I hold an internship, but I am also the women’s lacrosse manager. I came to this position because of Maddy. She is currently the starting goalie for the team. We always joked about me being the manager, but starting in junior year this was no longer a joke. Not only do I enjoy working with the team, but it also allows me to work closely with a Division I sport.

As of now, sports is pretty much my life 24/7. However, when I am not working I am with my friends. I live with nine of my closest friends, and we have a dog. One word that describes my life is interesting. There is never a dull moment. Whether it is hanging out at home, working a basketball game, or going to the Ott House, I want to look back at my last semester at the Mount and remember all the fun times I had.

Colby Davis C'23