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Senior Year Beginnings-Meet Krissy

Kristin Roots

A rainbow behind Mcgowan

Hello everyone! My name is Kristin Roots, though I usually go by Krissy. I am currently a fourth-year student majoring in Communication. As I begin my senior year, a lingering sense of bittersweet nostalgia accompanies me.

When I first visited the Mount, I felt apprehensive. I had spent a significant portion of my summer at home due to the pandemic. All my graduation and prom plans were crushed. Countless questions swirled through my mind: Would I reunite with my friends? Was I truly prepared? Should I confide in someone about feeling lost? The final chapter of my high school story was left unresolved. My friendships were incomplete, and I felt like something was missing. That all changed when, following my visit, I made a conscious decision with the guidance of my mom to either spend my days in tears over what could have been or to embrace the new and beautiful college experience that the Mount offered.

Did I completely achieve this? Well, not entirely, but I've discovered a way to balance mourning missed experiences and celebrating the positive ones. This balance aids me in refocusing on the present moment. This reorientation will be my compass as I write this blog.

As a communication major, most of my academic pursuits have centered on improving my writing and speaking skills both within my coursework and in the world beyond the classroom. While I initially came to the Mount with dreams of becoming a journalist, my interests have evolved over time, and have spanned various areas such as publishing, social media, and even roles within the realm of intelligence.

During this semester, I'll edit and write for the Mountain Echo, an opportunity that excites me yet also triggers a touch of nervousness. As a freshman, I joined the Echo for a period but eventually withdrew due to imposter syndrome. Now, as a senior, I've identified my fears and am determined to overcome them. I'm resolute in stepping out of my comfort zone to explore different facets of my individuality. Simultaneously, I'm eager to serve the Mount community more effectively.

In this blog, I'm excited to take a step back and share my Mount college journey with you. We’ll explore my weekly responsibilities, how I navigate obstacles in both my academic journey and personal life and trace my growth as I transition from a student to a professional in the workplace.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to document my experience of the Mount, an institution that has played an instrumental role in shaping my life over the years. It has become part of me, and I eagerly anticipate sharing my journey here.

Kristin Roots