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Diving into Finance

Elijah Jumper, C'26

S&P 500 Week of February 4-10

Starting off this semester’s journey into the world of finance is starting on a high note! Finance this last week was buzzing and many major stocks and ETFs are booming.

With this being the week off from the Investment Club, I’ll only go through a quick overview of what happened in the past week of finance.

The week started off very strong with the most well-known ETF (exchange-traded fund), the S&P 500, soaring to new highs. This is providing much excitement for investors as the stock market is still going up and making gains. Taking a deeper look at what made the S&P 500 reach these record highs this week it’s seen that many investors are hopeful for the future of the economy along with a few companies surging and pushing the ETF up.

One thing making investors so hopeful for the future and jumping to invest was the decision by the Federal Reserve to hold interest rates. This holds some significance as many look to interest rates to decide what the best investment approach is. With these rates holding, many believe the stock market is a good place to invest in. Additionally, the continued success the markets have seen is creating greater confidence in continued growth, in turn creating a snowball effect which keeps more people investing.

Examining the stock market as whole, a few companies in particular have done very well in the last week. Some of these companies being Palantir Technologies, Coherent Corp, and Bilibili Inc. The gains in these companies show continuous strength for the technology sector, which has been having a great year, and the communications sector.

Looking at news from more well-known companies that students may be more familiar with, Uber and Disney. Uber just announced they made their first full-years profit since going on the stock market in 2019. This is groundbreaking for the company as it shows the business is growing and improving. As a result, the news released could generate more investments into Uber. Disney made news by acquiring Epic Games, a large video game maker. The acquisition made Disney’s stock price jump about 11% within a day. An 11% bump is very significant for Disney as it has struggled on the finance side of things over the last couple of years.

All in all, finance has some exciting news coming out and the stock market continues to do well overall. Looking forward to next week’s blog!

Elijah Jumper, C'26