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Routine at the Mount

Emelie Beckman, C'25

Calming sunset in the chaos

Since I am on the Mount’s track and field team, the spring semester is generally a very busy time for me. The combination of having to perform on the runway as well as in the classroom can be a lot, and I commonly find myself too tired to be unable to get through the day without a short recharging nap.

Navigating stress and balancing school, sports, extracurricular, relationships and life in general is something everyone struggles with, and I find myself easily overwhelmed these days. During track season, a normal day for me would start with a pole vault session lasting for roughly two hours, after which I would go to my classes. Usually when my classes are over I would drag myself back to the ARCC for a lift session after which I have to use the evening for homework and recovery.

The routine becomes boring just like everyones routine. I have a feeling that being a student-athlete gets very hyped and its a life many people desire but once your in it, it becomes an everyday routine just as any other persons.

Now I dont want to come off as ungrateful for the chances I have received and the life I live. I love being a student-athlete. However, I find it important to address these kinds of questions to let others know that everyone struggles. It has become so easy to think that everyones living these struggle-free lives, and that youre doing something wrong, or that youre just less fortunate. But the reality is that we're all struggling in silence.

I want to talk about how I approach dealing with the pressure that I, and many other college students, get put under in this time of year.

The routine is boring, I know, but it’s the best way to achieve good results. Setting up a routine like the one I described, and following it, is something that I struggle with but I find it so much more helpful and rewarding to follow one. It also helps with traveling as I commonly do as an athlete.

I also make sure to spend time with people I care about a lot. I have found that spending time with friends, and to call my family back home both help me to feel more rooted. The time spent with loved ones also prevents me from dwelling on all the areas I have to perform, because when I am with the people I truly love I never feel like I have to perform. I can just be.

Anyway, serious topic for just my second blog, but I believe it was needed since these are the things floating around in my head right now and it is probably the same for many others at the Mount. But moving away from all seriousness here is my Swedish lesson for this week:

My name is... - Jag heter

I am from... - Jag kommer från

I am a student and athlete at the Mount - Jag är en student och atlet för the Mount

I am not stressed - Jag är inte stressad

Emelie Beckman, C'25